Advantages of writing a research paper

The advantage of a well-written research paper

In my experience working with thousands of non-native English-speaking researchers, I have observed that there are a number of reasons why publishers tend to prefer manuscripts written by these two types of authors. First, well-written papers can capture the reader’s attention, so journal editors are more likely to send clearly communicated works on for peer review. If you have conducted novel or innovative research, your manuscript might not get published if your writing is unclear. The rationale behind this is that your message might get lost, and as a result, your important work may never reach the peer review stage. On the other hand, if your data are not groundbreaking, but you are able to convey your arguments, methods, and findings in a clear and intuitive way, your manuscript will make a lasting impact on the publisher’s editorial team, increasing your chances of being considered for peer review.

Once your manuscript is in the hands of the reviewers, your clearly written text will work to your advantage. The job of the peer reviewer is to critically analyze the content of the paper to determine whether or not your paper merits publication. The task is made increasingly more difficult when the reviewer is unsure about the message or data an author is trying to convey due to poor grammar, word choices, or flow. Therefore, even if your paper makes it through to the peer review stage, you can tip the scale in your favor — toward publication — by ensuring that your message is clearly delivered.

This is not to say that papers will not make it to the “acceptance” stage if they are not grammatically perfect. Many publishers – including Dove – provide copyediting services for accepted manuscripts at no additional charge to the authors. This means that once your paper has been accepted, it will pass through many layers of screening. If some light editing is needed to ensure that your work is clearly written and showcased appropriately, Dove staff will take care of that for you. However, some manuscripts require a bit more than light proofreading and editing to get noticed by a publisher.

How can you increase your chances of getting published if you find that your written English needs some help? One option would be to find resources that will essentially try to teach you to “learn” the intricacies of the English language. But isn’t your time better spent conducting research? If you answered, “yes,” I would recommend that you seek other avenues for support. If you find that you need assistance preparing your manuscript, reach out to your university’s writing center, or contact journals directly for their recommendations. Many publishers know of additional services — internal or external — that can facilitate manuscript preparation, which can help polish your writing so it is publication-ready.

The final touches made to your manuscript are far more important than most authors realize, especially because published papers that are well-written are more likely to be read, cited, and well-received. Journal editors want to receive submissions that present great research, and most publishers will provide you with some level of guidance to help level the playing field for non-native English-speaking researchers.

What are the benefits of publishing a research paper?

What are the benefits of publishing a research paper?

Table of Contents

Common benefits of publishing paper:

  • Improves writing skill.
  • Helps in knowledge up-gradation.
  • Keeps me updated.
  • Teaches me about literature survey.
  • Makes me happy.
  • Creates a set of knowledge for others.
  • Appreciate my work.
  • Publicity to my work.

What are the 6 types of print media?

Print media advertising is physically printed media including newspapers, magazines, posters and billboards and direct mail.

  • Newspapers and Weeklies.
  • Consumer and Trade Magazines.
  • Billboards and Posters.
  • Direct Mail: Letters and Postcards.
  • Print Media Selection.

How can I make money with 3D printing?

How to Make Money With a 3D Printer

  1. Make Money Renting out your printer.
  2. Build Prototypes.
  3. Start a 3D Printing Service.
  4. Create and Sell Products to Make Money.
  5. Offer 3D Printing Classes.
  6. Create YouTube Videos.
  7. Become a 3D Printing Troubleshooter or Technician.
  8. Review Different 3D Printers.

What are the disadvantages of printing?

  • The printing basically depends on character codes, which makes elaborate layouts unavailable.
  • Limits the fonts and font sizes.
  • An internal data processing of the printer may take a long time when processing a large amount of data.
  • Printers cannot retain data and therefore require all data to be sent every time.

What are the disadvantages of print media?

Disadvantages of Print Materials

  • No interactions. Print materials do not generally provide built-in interactions.
  • No audio/visual elements. Print materials are static and are not appropriate for teaching languages and visual concepts.
  • Require reading skills.
  • Time delay.

What are the disadvantages of 3D printing?

What are the Cons of 3D Printing?

  • Limited Materials. While 3D Printing can create items in a selection of plastics and metals the available selection of raw materials is not exhaustive.
  • Restricted Build Size.
  • Post Processing.
  • Large Volumes.
  • Part Structure.
  • Reduction in Manufacturing Jobs.
  • Design Inaccuracies.
  • Copyright Issues.

Can a student publish a research paper?

We’ve written about graduate student publishing before on Radical Access when we showcased recipients of the GSS Open Access award and answered the question,”Can I publish my thesis?.” While publishing as an undergraduate is less common than for graduate students, it is absolutely possible, and many undergrads are …

Can a high school student publish a research paper?

Yes, a high school student can be published.

What are the pros and cons of electronic publishing?

EPUB VS PDF: Advantages and Disadvantages for E-publishing

Advantages Disadvantages
Can generate files easily, often using GUI-based tools from companies other than Adobe. Not easily reflowable because sometimes, you have to zoom the document to read the file.

Is getting a 3D printer worth it?

A 3D printer is not a toy but it’s not an automatic money-making machine, either. In as much as 3D printers seem fun, they also require a lot of work. If you’re the type who can commit several hours per day tinkering with your 3D printer, then it’s a great product for you.

How much does it cost to 3D print at home?

All in, a 3d printer can cost as much as $12.00USD per day in consumable materials (that’s including the plastic or resin to make the model you’re printing). If you aren’t printing 100% of the time during a day, then the price falls below that.

What is the advantage of publication?

Reaching your Audience While printing costs are significantly higher than those involved in publishing on-line because of actual paper and printing costs, the advantage of print publishing is actually placing text in the hands of your audience. In cases of on-line publications, one can only direct someone to a site.

What are the three disadvantage of print media?

3 Disadvantages of Print Media You Must Keep In Mind

  • Minimal Interaction.
  • Lower Accessibility and Ineffective Marketing. As compared to electronic media, mainly the Internet, print media does not have a global reach.
  • Killing our planet.

Can you use we in a thesis?

(The royal “we” should only be used by monarchs.) However, it is very important to include a statement at the front of the thesis clarifying the role of co-authors involved with any parts of the thesis. One area where “we” is useful is in referring to the reader and author together.

Which degree is best in future?

  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  • Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Biomedical Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Industrial Engineering.

Which job is best for girls?

The 15 best-paying jobs for women in 2018

  1. Chief executive. Number of women: 313,000.
  2. Pharmacist. Number of women: 147,000.
  3. Nurse practitioner. Number of women: 129,000.
  4. Physician/Surgeon. Number of women: 352,000.
  5. Lawyer. Number of women: 337,000.
  6. Physician assistant. Number of women: 66,000.
  7. Computer and information systems manager.
  8. Software developer.

Which degree is the best?

Rank Degree subject % high meaning
1 Petroleum Engineering 72%
2 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) 44%
3 Applied Economics and Management 69%
4 Operations Research 48%

Why is it important to publish?

It builds corporate enthusiasm and supports ongoing education. When you share your published articles internally, it makes others feel proud that they are part of an known and respected organization. Additionally, sharing published pieces with employees helps them better understand marketplace challenges and solutions.

What is the use of publishing a paper?

Publishing in the journal will connect students to those faculty members in a way that isn’t often achieved in typical classroom settings. Publishing an article helps students to connect with professors and researchers, for providing new opportunities and collaboration which will help in future study.

Which job is best after 12th?

We bring before you a list of few courses which you may pursue after Class 12, so as to obtain high salaried jobs.

  1. Chartered Accountancy:
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing:
  3. Bachelor of Laws:
  4. BSc in Mechanical or Marine Engineering:
  5. BCS or MS in Computer Science:
  6. Pilot training school:

What is the most wanted job?

Top 10 Jobs in Demand Overall

  • Personal care aide. At the top of the list of highest-demand jobs is personal care aide.
  • Fast food preparation and serving worker.
  • Registered nurse (RN)
  • Home health aide.
  • Restaurant cook.
  • Applications software developer.
  • Waiter or waitress.
  • General manager.

What jobs are in demand in 2020?

Here are the most in-demand jobs, including average salaries and qualification requirements.

  1. Home health aide.
  2. Nursing assistant.
  3. Construction worker.
  4. Physical therapy aide.
  5. Medical technologist.
  6. Truck driver.
  7. Operations research analyst.
  8. Financial advisor.

Which job is best for future?

Best Career Options in the Future

  • Data Scientist. Data Science is one of the hottest sectors currently and for good reasons.
  • Data Analyst.
  • Blockchain Developer.
  • Digital Marketer.
  • Cloud Computing Professional.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Expert.
  • Manager (MBA)
  • Software Developer.

Why do postdocs get paid so little?

It’s simple economics. The supply of postdocs in academia far exceeds the demand for them. This makes postdocs essentially worthless in academia.

Which country pays scientists most?

What Are The Best Countries For Scientists?

  • Says CareerAddict, “The average scientist in Switzerland receives an annual salary of roughly $95,000 (in Euros, of course), making Switzerland the country with the highest salary for scientists in the world.
  • According to the Nature Index, which tracks the globe’s best natural science research.

Can you publish research without a PhD?

Yes, it’s possible to get a paper published without having a PhD: PhD students do it all the time. Submitted papers are supposed to be evaluated according to what they say, not who said it.

Is science good for future?

Science is a very diverse field with many possible job opportunities and career paths. Whether you have an interest in working with computers, the weather, or medicine (just to name a few possibilities), it is highly likely that there will be a job available in the field of your choice in the future.

Is research a good career?

Research allows you to try out new ideas, experiment with cutting-edge technology, meet interesting people and take part in engaging discussions. A career in research is valued: Being able to say you’re a researcher is rewarding in its own regard, particularly if you’re doing the right work to back it up.

Why are researchers paid so little?

If you are working on your PHD and doing research then you are paid very little. This is because you can pay yourself out of the grants that you get. This varies from university to university but say they allow you to pay “up to” 50% of your salary out of a grant.

Do you get paid for publishing a research paper?

No. Pretty much the only link between academic publishing and your bank account is the fact that you won’t get a job if you don’t publish (discounting the impact buying books has on your bank balance). You don’t get paid for articles you publish. The reviewers don’t get paid for their reviews.

Which job is best for science students?

Top 10 Best Career Options for Science Students: Which Should You Select in 2021

  • Business Analytics.
  • Blockchain Developer.
  • Software Designing.
  • Spacetech.
  • Geology.
  • Forensic pathologist.
  • Technical writer.
  • Astrophysicist.

What is the most useless degree?

Here’s the list of the most useless degrees, as perceived by several sites.

  • Advertising and public relations.
  • Anthropology / Archaeology.
  • Communications / Mass media.
  • Criminal justice.
  • Education.
  • Ethnic and civilization studies.
  • Fashion design.
  • Film, video, and photographic arts.

How do you publish a research paper?

Here are a few steps that you can take to significantly improve your chances of getting published:

  1. Browse legit journals. As of 2015, the academic publishing market had an annual revenue of $20.5 Billion.
  2. Choose the best-fit journal.
  3. Understand the submission process.
  4. Write a convincing journal cover letter.

Do researchers make money?

Typically, researchers work either for a university or for some specialized research organization, and are funded through that. Universities, in turn, get money via public grants, private donations, and tuition costs.

Can scientists be rich?

Career path is so good and you don’t have to worry about your family or about your economic conditions. And yes, It is possible for a Scientist to become rich, Bill Gates is the best example for it, He is a computer Scientist 😄.

What are 10 careers in science?

10 science jobs

  • Laboratory technician.
  • Forensic specialist.
  • Archaeologist.
  • Chemist.
  • Geologist.
  • Environmental scientist.
  • Biologist.
  • Research science.

What is highest paid job in the world?

Here is a look at the top 100 highest-paying jobs:

  1. Cardiologist. National average salary: $351,827 per year.
  2. Anesthesiologist. National average salary: $326,296 per year.
  3. Orthodontist. National average salary: $264,850 per year.
  4. Psychiatrist. National average salary: $224,577 per year.
  5. Surgeon.
  6. Periodontist.
  7. Physician.
  8. Dentist.

What is the best science job?

Here are the best science careers:

  • Psychologist.
  • Environmental Science and Protection Technician.
  • Industrial Psychologist.
  • Epidemiologist/Medical Scientist.
  • Anthropologist.
  • Biochemist.
  • Archaeologist.

Do postdocs pay taxes?

Fellowships are Taxable Income Virtually all postdoc fellowships funded from U.S. sources are subject to income tax because they pay for living expenses. However, often fellowships and traineeships are not subject to automatic tax withholding.

What are the highest paying jobs in science?

Check out our list of the top 10 highest paying science careers for inspiration to guide your own science career journey.

Benefits of Paper publishing

Off course, many of you may face this question, what are benefits of paper publishing?

Well, i will help you. I will brief about benefits of paper publishing.

“The paper basically is a outcome of your research”

Not publishing is when we are doing some research and not making it publicly available. Its like manufacturing a product and not launching it.

No one knows about your work if you do not publish. Publishing the paper adds your work a value. Also on the other hand, it help others to work further.

I prefer to divide my discussion in following categories:

Benefits of paper publishing for students:

Now a days, its very common to publish a paper by students. In fact, many of the institutes are making it mandatory for the students to publish a paper. Off course, these papers are related to the project work of the student.

Furthermore, students projects will be worldwide, recognize by publishing a paper. Getting certificate is apart. Students will learn to write a paper. It helps in improving the writing skills of students.

Benefits of paper publishing for teachers:

Modern teacher is basically a researcher. Many teaching professionals are always working on various experiments. Eventually, the teachers will be living a creative life with research.

Teachers working on various topics must publish a paper. Its award of hard work of a teacher.

Generally, when preparing a paper, teachers will come across various recent developments in the area of research. This will thus is up-gradation of knowledge.

This knowledge gain will help the teachers in delivery of course too. Many institutions are motivating the teachers to publish the papers. This will be the initiative by the institutes to motivate the teachers for research.

Benefits of paper publishing for other technical professionals:

In addition, technocrats always needs up-gradation in knowledge. In my opinion any upcoming technology is a result of research presented in some research papers.

Technical professionals with publishing papers can add more value to their portfolio. It shows the research culture of the professional.

I can say, when we publish without any compulsion, a researcher is alive.

Otherwise, just publishing a paper for the sake appraisal is of no use. Finally i conclude with following common benefits of publishing paper:

Common benefits of publishing paper:

Improves writing skill

Helps in knowledge up-gradation

Keeps me updated

Teaches me about literature survey

Creates a set of knowledge for others

Appreciate my work

Publicity to my work

Keeps me alive as a researcher

Motivate others to research

Gives chance to externally access my work

Benefits of paper publishing

Fig- Benefits of paper publishing

At last, i am sure this will help. This section will thus motivate you to write a paper. You might have understood the benefits. You can also refer my previous post. To know more about paper publishing please refer Peer reviewed journals insights. In my coming articles i will cover how to write a research paper.

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10 Benefits of Writing a Research Paper

Scientific research is a systematic way to go through before submitting your Research Article for Publication or meeting the requirements of a research project. There are usually items that you will have missed while authoring your research report.

So,what are the advantages of having your paper peer-reviewed?

Although the qualities of the Research Article Format have been explored elsewhere, here is a list of advantages that I have received from the experience.


Here is a list of the top ten advantages of peer review:


Early on, I began using an internet thesaurus to locate the right phrase to explain an idea. When I signed up for research writing, an online correction tool that automatically suggests a list of phrases to choose from, I noticed it was much easier to locate the right words. I’ve also observed that I employ ambiguous language and terms out of habit.

Despite the AI-powered software application’s assistance, I still make the final judgment when I reread each line of text. As the author of my work, I believe there is no substitute for my judgment.

A Research Article pdf confirms my choice of a word or phrase to communicate what I intend. Receiving comments from colleagues that allows me to decide if I should stick to my original terms or follow their recommendations. If the suggestion seems good, I don’t mind changing the terms in question.


So, that’s it. You can readily tell if your peer group understands the points you pushed in your Research Article topic based on their reactions. Assume it takes them longer than normal to provide feedback once a page has been displayed, this could indicate that there is something wrong with the flow of thought or conversation. Clarifying queries will almost certainly follow. And, indeed, they do.


Seeing other people’s points of view is a valuable addition to your study Research Article Example . It is here that you will understand you do not have a monopoly on good ideas. There may be better, more sound ideas out there that can improve your work. You will then be able to break free from your personal biases and think beyond the box.


You may have raised concerns that were based on incorrect assumptions. If your assumptions are incorrect, everything you’ve stated is effectively incorrect. This result adheres to logic’s norms. If your premises are flawed, everything that follows is untrustworthy.


They think that having more heads is better than having one. You will feel more confident after going through a battery of inquiries and critical comments and being able to fight them off or appropriately address them. It boosts self-esteem and alleviates rejection worries.


You may have written Research Article more than is required. Taking out extraneous paragraphs or phrases here and there results in a succinct, properly written book.


Some people like pointing out spelling and grammatical faults. Although the focus should be placed on the content or ideas of your Research Article Format , grammar is quite important. Reading becomes easier with better grammar because the reading flow becomes more efficient.


You might have felt you’d written enough to clarify the situation. Then you realize your peers have only gotten halfway to the ideals you wish to express. To grasp and clarify ideas, you must elaborate on the issues you have mentioned.


If you went to the field with a coworker, he or she can corroborate or deny your observation. The work of others verifies your results.


If the peer-review process provided you with useful feedback, you will be more aware of the potential remarks, suggestions, or criticism of your Research Article PDF next time it is reviewed. You will be able to write better than before since you will have incorporated all of your colleagues’ comments and advice. As a result, you avoid making the same blunders as in your prior paper. The advantages of peer review are significant.

These modernized review benefits listed here have an impact on your attitude and research paper writing abilities.

Perfect Guide on How to Properly Write and Structure a Research Paper

Writing a good and well structured research paper is tedious but we have got you covered; from questions you should ask yourself before you write your outline, to components of your outline and how to develop your outline into a full research paper technically.

What is a Research Paper ?

This is the central part of a research that describes hypotheses, data and conclusions intending to instruct the reader.

Tips on how to write a research paper

Choose the journal you would like to submit your work to; this will allow you the leverage of following their author’s guidelines and you can focus on reading publications by them in order to see their style.

  • Read also; easiest pa schools to get into

If your final draft of work does not cite the journal of interest fairly enough, consider changing for the most cited journal.

Author’s guidelines will include information such as maximum length of work, author listing sequence, corresponding author, coverage of journal, and structure of paper .

Allow sufficient time for revision.

If your native language is not English, consult someone to help you translate or pay a company that can do that for you or better still use software that can help check spellings and grammatical errors.

Avoid undefined abbreviations

Your journal’s editor will not correct grammatical errors

There is no need of supporting every statement with a citation; if your references exceed 40 you may be doing something wrong unless you are writing a review article.

Do not use nouns as adjectives

The word “this” must always be followed by a noun to make it explicit

Describe experimental results in past tense

Use active voice whenever it is necessary

Use double line spacing

Cite most important results first, then others can follow

Write an outline for your paper, then develop it into an article

Approval of local ethics committee is required and should be specified in the manuscript or covering letter

Journal editors can make their own ethical decisions, so read their guidelines

Questions you should ask before writing your outline

  • Why did I do this work?
  • What does it mean?
  • What hypotheses did I mean to test?
  • Which ones did I actually test?
  • What were the results?
  • Did the work yield a new product; what are the characteristics?
  • Did I invent a new method successfully?
  • What measurements did I make?
  • Why does it make a difference?
  • What did I learn?

Sort all your ideas into three major heaps;

  • Introduction; it answers questions 1 – 4
  • Results and Discussion; It answers questions 5 – 8
  • Conclusions; It answers questions 2, 9 and 10

Components of a Research Paper

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Authors
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Results
  • Methods
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

Structure or Outline of a Research Paper


Meaning and Context of Each Component of a Research Paper

1) Title

This is the heading that describes your entire work or content.

  • It must be clear and short
  • It must be specific, remove all redundancies such as “ observations on “, “ the nature of “ etc.
  • Describes content and identifies main issue
  • Do not use rarely – used abbreviations

2) Author(s);

These are people that contribute to the conception & design, or acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data.

Draft the article or revise it critically for important intellectual content; and
Give their approval of the final full version to be published

All three conditions must be fulfilled
Others would qualify as “ acknowledged Individuals “

3) Abstract

This is what is called advertisement; imagine a movie advert, how does it make you feel? Either excited & interested in the movie or the opposite. Same is applicable here; this will determine if a reader will go on to read your article or not.



  • Make it interesting and understandable
  • It must be accurate and specific
  • Make it brief
  • A clear abstract strongly influences acceptance of your work
  • It must include the summary of your result
  • It must contain your keywords

4) Keywords

These are relevant words used by indexing and abstracting services. When your work is published, it will help search engines index and present your work in search results when related terms are searched.


Article title;

An experimental study on evacuated Tube solar collector using Supercritical CO2.


  • solar collector,
  • supercritical CO2,
  • solar thermal utilization,
  • solar energy

5) Introduction

This is a brief context for your reader. It should consist of;


Objective(s) of the work; address the problem
Why the work is important; justification of objectives

Background; who else has done what? How did they do it? Or What you have done previously?
Guidance to the reader; highlights the reader should watch out for; the strategy employed.
Summary/conclusion; what you hope to be achieved what the reader should expect to end up with.

You should indicate all sections that will be in the experimental region and what information will be in concluding part.

6) Methods

You know what method means; you have to be very specific here.

  • Tell the reader how the problem was studied
    Include detailed and concise information
  • Identify equipment and materials used; describe them.
  • Don’t describe previously published, just state it and move on to something else.

7) Results

This component highlights the main findings .

  • You can feature unexpected findings too if available.
  • Provide statistical analysis
  • Include illustrations and figures but not diagrams; Equations, tables, graphs, etc
  • Be clear and easy to understand
  • Avoid to much coloration of graphs
    Line graphs are most preferred
  • Do not use long boring tables

8) Discussions

To me it is just the meaning of the results.

  • Compare published results with yours
  • Make it correspond to the results.

9) Conclusion

It should be clear and brief. Advance the present state of knowledge.

  • Provide suggested future experiments
  • Provide justification for the work done. It should state the significance of the work.

10) Acknowledgement

State those that your vote of thanks goes to;

  • Advisors
  • Funders & financial supporters
  • Proof readers & typists
  • Suppliers of materials etc.

11) References

This is the full version of your in-text citations.

  • Be sure not to make use of too many references
  • Avoid excessive self-citations
  • Don’t cite too much publications from same region
  • Conform strictly to the style given in author’s guide.

12) Supplementary Data

Any other information like lists of tables, graphs, illustrations etc., write descriptions of all of them; e.g titles of each graph and tables. Supporting materials which was not fully absorbed in the research.

Manuscript Cover Letter

A manuscript Cover Letter is a letter of publication proposal to a journal of choice; you write such letters when you want your work to be considered for publication by your favourite journal.


Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Preparing Your Manuscript Cover Letter.

  • Is it new and interesting?
  • Is the topic current and hot?
  • Have I provided solution(s) to some difficult problems?
  • Am I ready to publish at this point?

Only if your answer to the questions is yes, should you write!

Hi, thank you for stopping by. I guide international students on study expeditions. I am google certified on online publishing and marketing. Above all, I am a great researcher and writer; I write blog articles.

Benefits of Writing a Quality Research Paper

Benefits of Writing a Quality Research Paper

You have just been informed that you’re going to write a research paper and you have no idea how you are going to start the writing process. You may even doubt that you can take on such a challenge. I’m here today to say YES you absolutely can do this! The following writing tips and support strategies offered below are important incentives and motivations involved in the writing process, for your career, and future goals. The writing process involves your body, mind, and spirit. It is all included because you put all your energy and immerse your whole being into it.

Here’s the exciting part, can you imagine having your paper being read by several hundred maybe even thousands of other academic professionals, researchers, and scientists from around the world? It is one of the most incredible feelings to achieve a status of recognition from your hard work in research and the passion(s) you have in holistic health from your peers. Scientists, doctors, holistic professionals in every domain, researchers, collaborators looking for you, your knowledge, and expertise. Sound too good to be true, nope, it happened to me and I hope that it can happen for you too!

Spiral notebook and ballpoint pen on a table

The significant impact and support that I received in my first class at ACHS, RES501: Assessment and Integration of Research Online, with Professor Dr. Nicole Betschman, was empowering. Dr. Betschman armed and mentored us with the best skills and writing techniques, coping strategies for our anxiety and doubts, and outlines to produce quality research and writing. However, she said one thing that stuck out in my mind throughout my studies at ACHS, register with an online platform where you can post your papers for others to read and get yourself noticed in your chosen field of interest. I did just that and since posting my very first paper to ResearchGate (, it has garnered over 1,000+ reads from others in my area of concentration who have emailed me to ask me questions, inquire about my future projects, and offers of potential future collaborations.

Listed below are just a few of the many benefits to writing a quality research paper:

  1. Recognition from peers in your field of work for all your hard work and showing pride for your academic institution.
  2. Collaboration with others in your field of expertise from around the world and the potential for research jobs or job recruitment offers.
  3. Opportunities for growing your business and career while contributing and supporting your field of interest.
  4. A showcase of your accomplishments and research papers on your resume or curriculum vitae that highlights your chosen area of expertise to potential employers, clinical trials, and research collaborations.

Woman typing on computer with notebook next to her

How to start the writing process?

You may be asking yourself … where do I begin, how do I pick a topic, what do I research? Let me help by offering a few strategies or “tools” for your writing “toolbox” to get you in the headspace to explore these brainstorming questions.

1. Sit comfortably with a notebook, make a cup of tea, turn on a diffuser with a blend that promotes increased focus and cognitive awareness, put on some background music, create a space for exploration with little to no distraction, and remember to take several deep breaths during your research sessions. We tend to hold our breath when we’re deep in the research and writing process. This always helps refocus the brainstorming process as well as reduce your stress and anxiety accumulating in your body, mind, and spirit. I do understand these feelings and they can distract you from your best intentions.

2. I highly recommend that you pick a topic and formulate your hypothesis on something you already know well, or an area of interest that supports your future career goals, or on a health condition a friend, family, or that you are challenged with; this is a great place to start. My first paper that received all the recognition came from years of personal experience which made the writing process so much easier. This takes so much of the anxiety away from picking a topic at random. If you are invested in the subject you will want to produce a quality paper with integrity that resulted from years of your experiences and knowledge. You are worth it!

3. Time management is key to staying on task and your module assignments in class. I recommend blocking out two-hour intervals on your research then take a break, walk away, go outside, stretch, go for a walk, get a snack. This also permits you to do other things without getting anxious that you haven’t finished other tasks or responsibilities. These intermissions create more space to return with fresh eyes, mindset, and less tension in your body from sitting. Or even better yet, use a standing desk!

4. Creating a few folders; one on your desktop and one in your bookmarks, where you will collect and manage the content for each component of your research paper helps with the organization of each of the sections involved in a scholarly research paper. Then you can add multiple subfolders for each part of the paper. For example, I had a folder entitled, RES501 Thesis, then subfolders entitled Introduction, Methods, Discussion, Results, and Conclusions. I had one folder titled Notes so that I could cut and paste notes from the highlights taken from research articles and journals that help me to formulate my findings, data interpretations, and key points. One last thing that helped was keeping a file titled Books/Citations so they are all in one place and you don’t have to go looking for them afterward. Another way to decrease your anxiety and stress!

5. I also recommend creating two bookmarks to collect all the supportive websites, journals, and resource materials so you don’t have to look for them each time you need them. For example, I had one bookmark entitled, Research Platforms, where I had links to PubMed, Elsevier, Google Scholar, LIRN, Oxford, and BMC. Then I had a second one entitled, Writing Tools, where I had American Psychological Association (APA) publication manual, Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL), and citation checkers such as Citation Machine and Cite This For Me.

Shelf of library books

Keep all your supportive tools at your fingertips. Use highlights of different colors to capture the key points within the articles and journals you collect so you are less likely to forget where you read specific data to support your hypothesis. More importantly, it is my hope these tools and tips from personal experiences help support you on your writing adventure and the journey your academic career takes you. It is a very exciting time and it brings great opportunities for success, increased confidence, and empowers you to continue working hard at what you love.

When you find yourself in a writing slump, feel your anxiety increasing or you’re just having a bad day, it is okay to ask for help and support from your fellow peers, your professors, your home support team, they all want you to succeed. I want you to succeed and if you would like to discuss some strategies or need help from a fellow researcher please don’t hesitate to reach out and email me. I would be thrilled to help you produce the best paper you can while being true to yourself and your vision. Be well and happy writing!

Earn an Accredited Online Degree. Click here to learn more.

[1] American Psychological Association (APA), (2021). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.). Retrieved from https://
[2] Citation Machine® – write smarter. (n.d.). Retrieved April 02, 2021, from
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[4] Purdue Writing Lab. (n.d.). Purdue owl // Purdue Writing lab. Retrieved April 02, 2021, from

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Contact info: Resilient RootZ Wellness, LLC.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. This article has not been reviewed by the FDA. Always consult with your primary care physician or naturopathic doctor before making any significant changes to your health and wellness routine.

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