Customer service thesis statement

25 reasons why customer service is vital in 2020

Consumers today expect a great experience and how you deliver customer service is at the heart of it. Brands that meet their consumers’ needs are setting themselves up for success; they’ll improve the experience throughout the entire customer journey, build brand loyalty, increase retention rates and ultimately help grow the bottom line.

Research shows that consumers are willing to spend more money with companies that provide better customer service, and will quickly switch to another brand when they’re not meeting their expectations. Brands must earn loyalty from customers with each interaction and anticipate issues before they arise.

Don’t just take our word for it, we’ve collated everything you need to know about the importance of being a customer-centric business in 2020 and beyond.

General customer service:

1. 68% said that a pleasant customer representative was key to their recent positive service experiences, and 62% said that a representative’s knowledge or resourcefulness was key. (American Express)
2. The #1 reason customers switch away from products and services is feeling unappreciated. (New Voice Media)
3. Turnover for customer service employees is 27% annually, the highest in the business world. (Mercer)
4. 54% of customers have higher expectations for customer service today compared to one year ago and that number jumps to 66% for consumers 18 – 34 years old. (Microsoft)
5. Consumers feel the most significant root causes of poor service are (Genesys):

  • Repeating themselves
  • Being trapped in automated self-service
  • Forced to wait too long for service
  • Representatives don’t know my history and value
  • Cannot switch between communication channels easily

The cost of poor service:

6. 33% of Americans say they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service. (American Express)
7. Only 40% will trust a company if it has poor customer experience (vs. 76% – good). (Qualtrics XM Institute)
8. Only 30% will forgive a company for a bad experience if that customer experience is deemed poor generally. (Qualtrics XM Institute)
9. It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for 1 unresolved negative experience. (Ruby Newell-Legner’s “Understanding Customers”)

The rewards for excellent service:

10. Customers who rate a company as delivering “good” customer experience are 34% more likely to purchase more, and 37% more likely to recommend. (Qualtrics XM Institute, ROI of Customer Experience)
11. Customers are 64% more likely to try a company’s new offering if they think the company has very good customer service. (Qualtrics XM Institute, ROI of Customer Experience)
12. The payoffs for valued, great experiences are tangible: up to a 16% price premium on products and services, plus increased loyalty. (PWC Experience is Everything)
13. Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits anywhere from 25% to 95%. (Bain and Company)

Channel-specific customer service:

14. As technology continues to improve, don’t forget the human aspect. 82% of U.S. and 74% of non-U.S want more of it. (PWC Experience is Everything)
15. 42% of those that contact a company through social media respect a response within 60 minutes. (The Social Habit)
16. 67% of customers reported hanging up on an automated system out of frustration at not being able to talk to a real person. (Glance)
17. 92% of consumers are satisfied with live chat, making it the highest-rated engagement channel. (ZenDesk)

Retail customer service:

18. 89% of customers who gave a retailer a high emotion rating said that they would recommend the company (Qualtrics XM Institute, CX in the Retail Industry Report 2020)
19. 59% of customers who endured a poor experience said that they either decreased or stopped spending with them after that poor interaction, which is higher than almost any other industry. (Qualtrics XM Institute, CX in the Retail Industry Report 2020)
20. 69% of U.S. online adults shop more with retailers that offer consistent customer service both online and offline. (Forrester)

Other industries:

21. 43% of US auto insurance customers say it would be easier to file a claim if they had one representative to be a single point of contact to manage the claim. (Qualtrics, Auto Insurance Trends and Consumer Report)
22. Poor service is the number one reason for leaving among customers who are “very sure” they’re leaving their bank. (Qualtrics, Banking Customer Experience Report)
23. Rewards and customer service are the top non-fee or rate attributes that customers look for in their next card. (Qualtrics, Credit Card Customer Experience Report)
24. Clients who have switched advisors say their motivation was high fees, poor service, and lack of personalized attention. (Qualtrics, Financial Advisor Client Experience Report)
25. 57% of hotel guests say “unfriendly employees” cause them to have a negative experience at a hotel. (Qualtrics, Hotel Pain Index Study)

How do you know if you’re succeeding?

Ask your customers, and use the insights gathered to make quick improvements when you’re falling short.

Thesis Statement Examples: Learn the Nitty-Gritty of Composition

Developing an impressive thesis is a good time-consuming work that may restrict you from living an emancipated life. Your argument, being the spine of your paper, must be realistic, logical, and should justify the assignment title. “Connecting” is the term, an expert always suggests for your central argument. Well, there’re more hidden facts in this discussion, and this blog will guide you through the beats of a solid thesis.

Definition with thesis statement example

Thesis statement or you may call it a research proposal, is a simple sentence that articulates the main idea of your paper. It summarizes the cornerstone of your research and clearly, defines your position on it. Some students’ often miss out with this statement, unaware of its significance; don’t be a part of that crowd! Here are the purposes it serves –

  • It collectively holds the main idea of an argument
  • Tells readers what to expect from the piece of writing
  • Reminds writers of the chief subject-line of their paper

Thesis statement example

Topic: Digital marketing increases the online visibility of a business

Thesis: This paper discusses the significance of online marketing and how the strategies help small businesses to flourish in the digital media and make money from e-commerce platforms.

Thesis statement example shows its position

Summarizing five or more pages of the document in a single sentence seems to be an impossible task. That is why quite a number of students back out from developing one. Well, there’s a trick to it, which solves the problem in a moment. So, what is that?

A matter of fact is that the thesis statement needs not to be written first. You should smoothly introduce the paper in a broader aspect, defining and declaring the backdrop of your study. Subsequently, appears some hints on investigation techniques and direction of research, followed by the thesis statement. Typically, it is the last segment of the opening passage, after which a writer swiftly steps into the main discussion.

Classifications of a thesis statement with an example

Generally, a research paper thesis statement can be classified into two distinct categories – informative and argumentative. Depending on your topic, decide the type of your thesis.

I. Informative thesis statement

If your research paper deals with a lot of data and statistics, then your thesis must be an informative one. It should embrace the most significant data or the gen, on which your paper will be focusing. Create a logical argument that gives a realistic impression to the audience. Data that you input in the thesis should be relevant and vindicated with proper citation. Here’s an example to clear your concept.

Thesis statement example

Topic: McDonald’s brand value retains its customer base – case study

Thesis: Since the foundation of McDonald in 1940, the company developed an enduring brand value that has never seen a backdrop. This case study has been conducted to identify its American Customer Satisfaction Index for the period 2000-2018 and the role of its brand name in returning consumers.

II. Argumentative thesis statement

Quite a good number of research papers require a persuasive thesis, commonly referred to as argumentative thesis statement. These types of proposals hold a rational thought, on which you will proceed to convince the readers. You must keep the reasoning unbiased and persuasive otherwise, the game is over for you then and there. If you are portraying your opinion in the statement, always, maintain a certain level of transparency with your suspected readers. Check the example for better understanding.

Thesis statement example

Topic: Strategic management is the cornerstone of a long-running business

Thesis: This paper proves that a business lasts the longest if it has a strategic management policy, developed by a team of expert business planners. It also extends a leg to highlight how strategies support handsome revenue.

Writing Tips: How to build a strong thesis statement?

A thesis is the backbone of your paper and the rest follows, based on it. The statement must be strong and rational, so that, it seems impressive to the readers. Normally, audiences put the first glance on a research proposal and try to judge the paper content. Being a writer, if you cannot hold their thought, there, the subsequent passages won’t strike them.

Typically, a professor never asks to write a thesis statement, but, you must know that a paper is incomplete without a valid proposal. Here are some writing tips that will help in forming a decent one.

1. Build the statement in a way it seems you are answering a question. Your response should be transparent and succinct, offering a clear overview to the readers.

Thesis Statement Example #1

Topic: Hypothetically, consider that your question is – “Does a business plan add value to the company?” Then, formulate the thesis as follows.

Thesis Statement: Business plan, before investment, increases a company’s growth and strengthens its profit margin, ensuring project success at the end.

2. A good thesis statement should never use words like “might”, “may”, “can”, “could”, etc. It will raise uncertainty in reader’s mind, provoking them to leave the paper. A proper research proposal should look like the below-cited example.

Thesis Statement Example #2

Topic: Consider the topic as “Economic growth is important for a company’s future”, and the respective thesis statement must be like this –

Thesis Statement: This case study shows that a company’ performance graph must see a constant rise and it should ascertain its economic growth, in order to avoid bankruptcy or failure.

3. Your thesis statement must be highly specific and it should be devoid of cryptic and unspecific terms like “wrong”, “nice”, “good”, etc. Include vocabularies that are common to the general demographic.

Thesis Statement Example #3

Topic: If your topic is “Internal environment of a company is largely responsible for its performance growth”, then define the thesis as below –

Thesis Statement: This research has been conducted inside a renowned company to understand the significance of employee-employer relationship and how it encourages every staff to perform their level best.

4. A valid thesis statement must include two factors that are extremely essential to reach the point of validation. Check the factors below –

  • Say something that is true
  • Say the reason behind its truth

If you upright these instructions in your thesis statement and check the cited examples, before forming yours, there’s no way it can go wrong. Sometimes, time management becomes a great concern and you may need the assistance of a professional research paper writer. Management Writing Solutions happens to be the foremost choice to but essay online for its efficient team of writers and proofreaders.

Apple Inc.: Customer service Essay

Customer service is referred to as the overall activity in identifying customer needs and satisfying customers in terms of such needs (“Operations Theory” par. 1). It plays an important role in the profitability of a business. The quality of products and services is directly related to the satisfaction level of customers.

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When customers are satisfied with the products and services offered by a firm, customer loyalty is born. Profitability comes from such because customers are willing to pay for good quality products and services. This paper aims to better understand the relationship between customer service and customer satisfaction. I have chosen Apple Inc. to be the subject of evaluation in this paper.

In the highly competitive and innovative world of the IT industry, the value of customer service can be seen in the after sales support companies provide their clients.

Among its competitors, the products of Apple Inc. have been the most expensive with the resistance of the company to release low-end product lines. Satisfied customer and blogger Jon Buys defended Apple’s positioning of expensive product lines by pointing out the quality customers enjoy when buying Apple products.

“It’s not that Apple doesn’t have an interest in the low-budget market, it’s that Apple refuses to create a product that doesn’t live up to their expectations of what a Mac should be” (Buys).

Unlike its competitors that market products’ functionality and specifications, Apple’s marketing strategies involve promoting their computers and gadgets in terms of the Apple experience customers will receive when choosing the company’s products. This experience is “something that encompasses every part of owning an Apple product” (Buys).

The company ensures customers that by owning their products; customers havethe best products in the market with top of the line quality and superior customer service and support. The Mac experience is known to be something different and is more than just owning a PC. Apple’s commitment to quality is evident with its latest gadgets namely the iPad and iPhone.

The iPhone for example was praised by John Gruber despite it being more expensive compared to its competitors from brands such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and Black Berry.

“There is no better phone, at any price” (Gruber). Apple is different from its competitors namely Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer and/ or Asus because most of the said brands have the same basic components, run on the same software, and are powered by only one company, Microsoft. Apple products on the other hand have precision engineered products and run on Mac OS which was developed by the company themselves.

Throughout the years, Apple has developed a legion of loyal customers with its somewhat radical innovations and campaigns. Most believe that the company provides a breath of fresh air from the typical PC most brands in the market provide. The continuous innovation of the company has led to its capture of the music industry with the creation of iTunes and the Apple Store.

The birth of gadgets such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad has revolutionized the electronics and communications industry where everything is now functioning on wireless internet. The proliferation of touch screen technologies was due to Apple’s revolutionary innovation of creating products without the use of traditional keyboards and keypads. Apple’s technical support department, Apple Care, provides excellent support.

The customer service attendants and engineers are willing to repair customers’ Mac computers, provide sufficient answers to customers’ inquiries regarding hardware and software problems and immediately change defective parts.

Apple Care is also easily reachable via phone or the internet around the world. The customer service attendants of the company can easily walk customers through from setting up their Macs to troubleshooting at the comforts of their home.

“Apple’s stigma cannot be explained by generous return policies or coverage. Both Dell andHP offer more lenient return policies, each allowing 21 days to return the product compared with Apple’s 14 days. HP and Dell also offer accidental damage protection, something lacking from the otherwise excellent AppleCare“(Buys)

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Buying a Mac or any product from Apple is more expensive than getting a regular PC by Dell, an MP3 player from Sony or a phone from Nokia but the company was able to pull through because of the superior quality of the products they provide and the top of the line after sales support customers receive. Once an individual purchases a certain product of the company, they are welcomed into a club of exclusivity.

For a high price in availing products of Apple Inc. customers can upgrade their entire experience rather than just upgrading their computers and gadgets. In terms of buying a computer, Apple has cited several reasons why it is beneficial to get a Mac over a regular PC (“Why you’ll love a Mac”). Below are the reasons cited by the company:

  • It’s designed to be a better computer.
  • It goes with software you’ll definitely enjoy using.
  • It comes with the OS which is considered to be the most advanced one.
  • It comes with “award-winning support”.
  • It runs Office as well as works with PC files.
  • It’s “compatible with your stuff”.
  • It doesn’t get PC viruses.
  • It has the latest technology incorporated.
  • It runs Windows and Windows applications.

Customers expect to receive all the following advantages and benefits Apple declares in promoting their products. The most crucial claim in the following privileges stated in the company’s official website is their award-winning support system.

Every claim stated in their website is considered tangible except for the quality of their after sales services. Apple’s award-winning support includes the moving of files from the customers’ old PC to their new Mac computers by specialists.

By purchasing a One to One membership, customers can avail a year’s worth of one-on-one training sessions with a specialist to help them get a head start with his computer (“Why you’ll love a Mac”). Contacting Apple’s technical support team has been made convenient for customers because an Apple specialist can be reached via phone, live chat or in person at an authorized Apple retail store.

In any Apple retail store, a Genius Bar is present to accommodate customers on their technical questions about their Mac. The place gives out free advice and insights to customers who wish to troubleshoot their Macs and improve their computers’ performances. Appointments at the Genius Bar can be scheduled online at the convenience of the customers’ homes.

Apple’s technical support team also conducts complementary workshops where first time Mac users are taught by experts. Beginners learn the basics of operating Mac computers at the same time discover how applications work. Experts also provide tips and tricks to workshop attendees who make their Mac experiences enjoyable and worthwhile. Customers can also learn about operating their Mac computers online by watching video tutorials via iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Mac OS X and/ or via the internet(“Why you’ll love a Mac”).

Apple Inc. is one of the leading technological American multinational companies founded by three college drop outs in the summer of 1976. The company was formerly known as Apple Computer Inc.

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It designs and markets personal computers, consumer electronics and software with its popular product lines include the Macintosh personal computers, MP3 players called the iPod, iPhone mobile phone device and its recently launched tablet line, iPad. Apple Inc. software line include the Mac OS X for personal computers’ operating systems, iTunes which is a media browser that enables users to download, listen and transfer music files, iLife suite for multimedia and creative works, iWork suite for office work functions, Aperture for professional photographers who wish to edit and manipulate their photos, Final Cut Studio suite for people who are involved in the professional audio and film industry, Logic Studio suite for music production enthusiasts, the Safari web browser for surfing experience and iOS as the iPhone’s operating system.

Apple Inc. operates over 357 retail stores worldwide as of October 2011 in 10 countries (“Apple Store”). The company has also developed an online store where products and services can be bought at the convenience of the customers (“Apple Store”).

In September 2011, Poornima Gupta and Rodrigo Campos cited that Apple Inc. has become the largest publicly traded company in the world by market capitalization (Poornima and Campos). Its market value as of August 9, 2011 is $341.5 billion (Poornima and Campos).

Apple Inc. was founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve, Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The company’s headquarters is based on Cupertino, California.

It was incorporated on January 3, 1977. On January 9, 2007 (US SEC) after 30 years of being known as Apple Computer Inc. the company decided to remove “Computer” to be in line with the company’s expansion strategy in the electronics market in addition to its primary focus on the personal computers industry (Markoff).

According to the United States Security and Exchange commission “As of September 25, 2010, the Company had approximately 46,600 full-time equivalent employees and an additional 2,800 full-time equivalent temporary employees and contractors and annual sales worldwide is $65.23 billion” (US SEC).

Over the years Apple has developed an exceptional reputation in the consumer electronics and mobile technology industry due to its broad artistic design philosophy and unique advertising campaigns.

The company has established a devoted and loyal customer based especially in the United States which patronizes the company and its brand ( Among the numerous achievements of Apple Inc. is being named the most admired company from years 2008 – 2011 and was branded as the most valuable public limited company by Fortune magazine (Fisher 65-67).

Apple Inc.’s product strategy for the past years has always involved the creation of innovative products and services which complement its digital hub strategy.

In the said method, Apple’s Macintosh products serve as digital hubs for other electronic devices such as the iPod, iPad, personal digital assistants, mobile devices, digital cameras, and video cameras to name a few. The main focus of Apple Inc.’s product strategy is the customers’ experiences with Apple products.

The company’s main competency and advantage among other companies in the industry is its ability to deliver outstanding experience to its customers through excellent user interfaces. Apple based its product strategy with the said competence they possess through its products such as iTunes, iPhone, and the Apple Apps store.

Apple focuses on the emotions and feelings of its past, present and future customers in marketing the brand. Its brand personality is all about the lifestyle it may provide to its prospects. Apple’s brand personality revolves around the notion of being imaginative, free, innovative, passionate, as well as the one having hope, dreams, passion and aspirations. The brand’s general theme is about people attaining power through technology.

“The Apple brand personality is also about simplicity and the removal of complexity from people’s lives; people-driven product design; and about being a really humanistic company with a heartfelt connection with its customers” (“Apple’s Brand Strategy”).

Apple’s primary marketing strategy is not about selling products but the provision of exclusivity among its customers. There is a sense of community among Apple users who remain loyal to the brand. The brand equity and customer franchise exemplified by the company is very strong.

Its strong customer based has been essential to the company’s success over the past decades especially during the economic crisis of the 90s and it has also helped the company maintain its premium pricing compared to its competitors. Apple’s pricing strategy on its products has enabled it to survive against the low prices brought about by other IT competitors.

The Apple brand is centralized on its promise of providing the best customer experience and satisfaction through its products and technology. In order to have more control of the brand’s image together with its product distribution and services, Apple has opened its own Apple Stores in strategic locations such as in high end malls and quality shopping venues to cater to the needs of its customers.

“Apple provides Apple Mac-expert retail floor staff to selected resellers’ stores (such as Australian department store David Jones); it has entered into strategic alliances with other companies to co-brand or distribute Apple’s products and services (for example, HP who was selling a co-branded form of iPod and pre-loading iTunes onto consumer PCs and laptops though in retrospect this may now just have been a stepping-stone).

Apple has also increased the accessibility of iPods through various resellers that do not currently carry Apple Macintosh systems (such as Harvey Norman), and has increased the reach of its online stores” (“Apple’s Brand Strategy”).

Apple Inc. has built a powerful brand with a cult of loyal followers admiring products produced by the company. The company has thrived and managed its way in becoming one of the top companies today. The company’s success lies in its powerful technical service support which was able to win customers’ loyalty. Apple promotes its company through creative branding and backs it up with a powerful support for customers.

This support can be seen through their experience walking through retail shops where customers are greeted enthusiastically with respect, prompt and accessible answers are given to their inquiries and programs are also offered to customers where they can further maximize their Mac computing experiences.

Apple should continuously provide advanced product lines and should further improve their customer service supports by providing prompt responses to customer inquiries and problems. Customers are always willing to pay for value. The company’s job is to make sure that customers feel their moneys’ worth when purchasing Apple products in order for the company to grow the number of their loyal customers.

Works Cited

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Fisher, Anne.”America’s Most Admired Companies”. Fortune 157.5 (2008): 65–67. Print.

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54 Customer Service Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Customer Service Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

In response to the recent obesity trends in the US as well as in other countries, Burger King has started to adjust its menu.

Self-management on the other hand is the key factor because the coordinator must be self-aware all the time in relation to the environment and the needs of the customers.

The success behind WestJet as a low-cost carrier is mainly attributed to the quality of service that the airline provides to its passengers.

It will help to collect the necessary data to design the most effective training program for customer service representatives. It is also important to note that questionnaires should contain data concerning the future training program.

As such, it is always important that the customer service supervisor is able to read the psychology of his or her staffers and ensure that all are of positive attitude to avoid service breakdown.

Customer service employees are in a better position to respond to the needs of customers because of their grassroots experience. Empowerment enables employees to follow the ideals and strategies of their organization in their interactions […]

It can be quite frustrating to make a customer wait for a certain meal only to deliver the wrong one to them.

The Meriden Hospital is one of the many hospitals and clinics belonging to the BMI Healthcare organization owned by the General Healthcare Group PLC.

The term empowerment refers to the process of providing more authority to the employees of an organization. Chebat and Kollias argue that the service industry is hugely dependent on the capacity of employees to deliver […]

In fact, one of the founders noted how customer service greatly impact on the products that the company sells and highlighted the very important part of their policy which is allowing the customer to provide […]

To achieve this, organizations need to bring both the internal and external stakeholders together in such a way that they can share in the effort of maximizing the bottom line of the company.

In service offering, product refers to a service concept that has the capacity to give value to customers. Here, their aim in the customer service system should be to boost the quality of their interactions […]

A focus on the identification of current and potential stressors affecting this group of employees, and the subsequent development of interventions which could be used by the employees to manage and curtail stress effectively, is […]

With this situation in mind, I would like to propose to the CEO on the best advertisement solutions that would assist in improving the popularity of the company and hence its sales as well as […]

The achievements of the company are attributed to its ability to attract and retain large numbers of customers from all parts of the world.

The micro issues include poor tracking and follow up of the lost package, inadequate feedback to the client on the status of the package, and uncoordinated responses to alterations in customer delivery requirements.

However, it is significant to note that the preciseness of the value of customer service in an organisation varies in relation to the industry, the service offered and or the product being offered for sale.

Through the company’s quality products, Toyota has built a bank of goodwill that will enable it to maintain customer loyalty in the long-term.

The top leaders of companies must realize that they have a duty to not only meet the needs of the customers, but also to work hard to exceed the expectations of the customers.

Proper customer service, which is the act of providing services to the customer during the whole transaction process, is important for the success of every business.

The continuous innovation of the company has led to its capture of the music industry with the creation of iTunes and the Apple Store.

The main objective of a needs assessment in an organization’s training program is to identify performance weaknesses and necessary knowledge and skills needed to eradicate the weaknesses.

The company exploits the fact that customers are concerned with company core products, service delivery and the company’s image. In addition, the company maximizes on its product delivery service with respect to the level of […]

In addition, the consultant should be ready to face resistance on the part of the managerial staff and personnel; The role of the manager will include Controlling the availability of resource and device the exact […]

The research questions guided the development of the questionnaire and in turn, the specific questions in the questionnaire dealt with the issues associated with the project.

The use of the term “customer service” requires delineation to ensure that there is not confusion with other aspects of customer care in the business. The important issue in regards to the definition of customer […]

The level of cleanliness within the restaurant, warm greetings the choice and preference of where to seat made the whole experience lively.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Customer Service

The price on the marking label was not the same as the price in the check. Describe a customer service situation where the customer won at the expense of the service provider.

In the opinion of business administrators, these metrics can throw light on the experiences of customers and their assessment of the company’s performance.

For solving the problems that arise in the customer service environment as well as improving the processes an organization uses, it is very important to understand what is done in the company at every stage.

The personnel in the store had to shift from the automated communication system in the ordering station to a manual system that threatened to slow down the delivery of foods to the clients.

What are the dimensions that have affected the level of service quality the most in UAE Islamic banks? Jabnoun & Khalifa carried out a research study on the dimensions of service quality that affect the […]

The difference in the price of the same service on two different websites indicates that the hotel is not keen on customer services.

The training program must also address the service orientation attitudes and skills of the CSRs because they are not able to apply their knowledge on registration steps for effective delivery of services.

The method is usually simple to undertake, the HR manager will collect adequate information in a timely manner, and it reveals the aspects of the targeted position that might not be captured by the other […]

As a seller of car parts and a provider of wrecking services, Hondwreck Partsheaven is looking to improve the quality of the provided services, optimize the inventory processes, and optimize the overall performance of the […]

A recent report published in the article by Ahmed indicates that the United Arab Emirates is ranked in the 21st position globally and the leading country in the Arab world in terms of citizens’ level […]

The location of the training was the Brooklyn Hospital Center, and the presenter was the Nurse Educator. Since the professional background of the audience was nursing, the subject was clinically relevant, and the nurses could […]

The problem is in the system’s weaknesses when the price on the label does not match the actual price fixed in the main computer at the cash desk, and the consumer should get or not […]

It is also important to note that effective business communication promotes employee retention strategies, which in turn reduces the rate of labor turnover within an organization.

The seminar is aimed at re-emphasizing the duties of the CSR team and the value placed on them. It is intended to enable trainees to note the most appropriate and applicable communication skills in client […]

I learned how to handle customer requests and complaints and forward them to the responsible staff at the bank. Each day of the internship period in the customer service section was often coupled with a […]

The expected outcome of the survey comprises of the strengths and weaknesses of the content of the training session and evaluation of instructors who lead this training session.

It is important to note that the differences do not relate to the number of individuals involved in the purchase or consumption of the product.

The customer receives reports and updates, as well as reminders and messages, which facilitates the communication process and helps the person to remain aware of the state of their health.

The major group to whom the project is intended is the executives and employees of Bank of America who deal with the customers. The sponsor of this project is Bank of America.

Furthermore, regarding the fact that the majority of companies recognize this idea, the need for the creation of long-term relations with customers and their loyalty becomes the only possible way to win the rivalry.

The main motive for the creation of this prize is the need to critically evaluate organizations working in the sphere and outline the most effective approaches and models that are used to create excellent customer […]

Customer services are a very important matter to be considered in any business and it is equally difficult to handle. The fact is customer’s can never trained to be better customers than what can a […]

The Customer service page of the site is quite exhaustive in that it offers all that a customer requires to know about his pets in regard to caring for them and about the different […]

The main purpose of this report is to develop strategies, which will help to improve the overall quality of customer service in the company Abissnet.

It is exceptionally true when the competitors in the sphere of action are huge companies with billions of assets. The majority of big businesses’ owners are usually isolated from the employees and the customers in […]

Moreover, the hotel is not committed to offering quality services to its clients, and that is why nobody is concerned that guests do not have adequate toiletries in their rooms.

Hayes and Wheelwright’s 4-Stage model is a conceptual tool meant to evaluate the project with the extent of how its operational contributions improve the company’s competitiveness.

Operations Management-Customer Service

According to Nersesian (2000), “Operations management is all about transforming raw inputs in the form of labor, material and capital into useful goods and services. ” It is important to handle all the aspects of operations management in an organization to deliver the products and services promised by the organization in various communication processes with its stakeholders. This is a case of US based manufacturing company the Carbide Industries Corporation. This is a multi-national company has annual sales nearing $10 Billion.

As mentioned in the case; “Carbide Industries is one of the pioneers of the petrochemical industry and is the acknowledged technology leader in several market sectors and benefits from large licensing royalty fees for those technologies.

” The company manufactures number of commodity products at low cost. The marketing approach is based on providing a wider selection of products at a single location than do any of their competitors. Challenging Issues: The organization is facing a challenging situation where the customer service complaints are increasing alarmingly.

Verified writer

“ She followed all my directions. It was really easy to contact her and respond very fast as well. ”

Response Customers of the Carbide Industry Corporations range from the retail customers to the business customers. The company is producing low cost commodity products. There are various factors that have impact on the customer satisfaction process. These are as follow: There was no change in the American Customer Satisfaction Index of energy utility services in the previous year.

However in the year 2009 there is a significant and measurable dip in the customer satisfaction index by -1. 3%. The score of first quarter of energy services was 74 in the year 2009.

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This indicates the overall customer satisfaction for the industry has been decreasing. The customer service index is measured on the basis of customer interviewing and econometric modeling. The customer interviewing is the study of various variables like customers’ perceived value of product and services received, perceived quality, customer expectations and establishing relationship among various variables studied.

Customer complaints are defined as the percentage of the respondents indicating to have direct complaints to the company regarding product and services within specified time frame. Customer satisfaction and customer complaints are anonyms to each other. Higher are the customer complaints lesser is the customer satisfied with the organization and its products. Effective handling of customer complaints may turn them to loyal customers. Customer satisfaction depends on the perceived value and received value of products and services.

Case Study On Customer Service

When custom fabricators started business, was the focus on customer service or on resource utilization. Please discuss both customer service and resource allocation and your reason for choosing which had the major focus. At the time was it a sustainable model? Why?
Just to begin with, I would like to state that when customer fabricators started business the main focus of the business was in resource allocation as opposed to customer service. However, before the author outline some of the reasons why he thinks that the main focus was on resource utilization, the author will first begin with discussing about the customer service and resource allocation in respect to operations management.

The term customer service refers to the provision of services to the customer before, during and after the purchase of goods and services. The quality of the provision of customer services is recognised as being of great importance. Research shows that the business organizations that deliver high quality services to their customer gain advantage over their existing competitors. (Wright and Race 2004).
It is prudent to note that customer service and the quality of services are not easy factors to define or to take into consideration. This is because any service being offered to the customer entails a mixture of certain physical items which form part of the service and the interaction that exist between the services being offered by the organization to the customer.
The fact that the services being offered to the customers by the organization vary from organization to organization makes the likelihood error high and often visible to the customer who is present in at least some parts of the services being offered by the organization.
In order to deliver high quality services to the organization, there is need for the implementation of the operational systems. Implementation of the operational systems shall ensure that quality services are delivered to the customers. The following are some of the dimensions which ought to be considered while delivering services and products to the customers. (Wright and Race 2004).

Framework of time dimension.

It is prudent to note that delivering quality services to the customers does not only entail delivering quality products. However, such services should be able to answer comprehensively the following questions.
– How can a customer get the service
– How long will it take to deliver the services to the client?
This implies that as far as there quality products may be made available to the customer, it is good that these products be made available in good time and at the right place. The organization should avoid wasting customer’s time through queuing.

The fault freeness dimension.

This dimension answers the question of whether the service process and products are free or errors or faults. The organization should ensure that the services being offered to the customers are free from errors.

The flexibility dimension.

This dimension provides the answers to the question on how well the service organization coping to the needs of the customers. The organizations management should ensure that they are capable of coping up with mistakes. For instance wrong response made too late or those of the customers such as incorrect labelling. Flexibility can also be achieved by introducing new services to the customers.

The style or the soft dimension.

The style dimension provides answers to the question: what is the house style or culture of the service organization. The organization should consider the following.
– Appropriateness of the attitudes of the service personnel. The organization should also ensure accessibility of the service organization

Safety dimension.

This dimension is concerned with the question of whether the customers feel safe. In order to ensure that the customers are safe, the organization should ensure that the following factors are properly instituted in the organization:
– Confidentiality
– Trust
– Security
– Honest
In conclusion, it is prudent to note that delivering quality customer service is not an easy task. This implies that the organization should ensure that all the customer service dimensions are properly instituted in the organization if quality customer services are to be delivered.

Resource allocation and utilization

The term resource allocation refers to the process through which the available resources in the organization are allocated in the most economic way. It is prudent to note that the current economic situation calls for proper utilization of the available resources within the organization. This calls for tough decisions to be made regarding on how to allocate resources.
The decision on how to allocate the available resources should answer the question about how, where and when. Resource decisions aren’t new but are instead very urgent because of the uncertain economy. Some of the managers do allocate resources without making proper decision on how, where and when to allocate resources.

Resource allocation process

It is prudent to note that resource allocation process always enable the organizations to allocate the resources in the most effective way within the organization so as to ensure that resources are properly utilized. Resource allocation process enables the organization especially the executives to make informed decision regarding the allocation of resources in a given organization. (Norton and Kelly 1997).
The process enables the executives to make decisions quickly, without wasting time, money and resources. The process of resource allocation enables the organization to quickly deliver the goals and objectives set and to ensure that the available resources are used in the most effective and efficient manner to achieve the set objectives within the shortest time possible. In order to ensure proper utilization of resources within the organization, proper process have to be instituted that provides the guidelines on how the resources are to be used within the organization. The following steps are prudent in resource allocation. (Norton and Kelly 1997).
– Defining the mission
– Inventory your resources
– Inventory your project
– Reallocate resources using the resource allocation matrix.

Defining your mission statement.

The organization should have proper mission statement. The mission statement is critical because it communicates the purpose for the organization hence providing a basis for the staff members to make informed decisions on how to properly utilize the available resources din the organization.

Inventory your resources

It is important to understand of where the staff members will spend their time. This can be made possible through coming up with a quick employee survey which will enable the management to understand the levels of human resources that are available in the organization. This will then be used to effectively utilize the available human resources.

Inventory your project.

For resources to be effectively utilized in the organization, it is crucial to inventory the project. By inventorying the project, the executive management will be able to understand the purpose or goals of the project, resources allocation among other things which in turn shall ensure that resources are properly utilized in the organization. In conclusion, it is prudent to note that despite the main focus of the organization initially being resource utilization, it was not a sustainable model because resource utilization could not maximise on profit without first focusing on customer service.
Initially the business used to make control panels only for the elevators. However, now, the business organization is able to make all kinds of special brackets and the panels for the plant. This actually is great for the company because its shows some form of improvement in the business operation. The business has changed from one which only dealt with control panels only for the elevators to one which deals with all kinds of special brackets and the panels for the plant. The organization has also managed to set up what the plant needs in these parts with very little lead time. Another new product and which the organization has managed to come up with is elevator motor housing; this is a massive box that contains the motor and control electronics for the elevator. This is the company’s new biggest money maker. By outsourcing manufacturers and allowing their able employees to get attracted to custom Fabricators business. They can reduce the risk of losing their employees through offering them better salaries and also better conditions of work.
c. Diagram for the supply of products.


Supply chain.
Custorm fabricators Orleans
Free market
Outsourcing products.
Some of the major issues now facing Orleans include: the Orleans new action which aims to reduce the cost associated with its elevators is likely to lower the profit margin of the Custorm Fabricators. The Orleans working with the free market and its intention to identify approximately fifty potential suppliers is likely to lower the level of products the Custorm Fabricators supply to the Orleans Company. This also might lower the profit.
Mc Donald marketing process: market and the environment analysis, fixing marketing target, setting marketing strategy, marketing mix, marketing controlling.

Marketing entails the following processes

It is important to note that the Mc Donald restaurant across the world is experiencing different challenges.
Challenges for McDonald’s India
The major issue here was beef. This is because the cow being sacred, beef could not be served. The Muslims also did not eat pork. It is therefore important that cow and pork be replaced by the vegetables.

Competition from the local food retailers

The business recorded an intense competition from the local food retailers who had been doing business for years. It is believed that familiarity with the local market and the understanding of the local taste gave them a competitive edge. In order to avoid stiff competition from the local retailers, I would advise the Mc Donald restaurant to carry out marketing research in order to determine the taste of the local citizens.

Target market

The organization has to be directed to the right target market in order to establish new products. it is therefore prudent for the organization to understand the consumer market.


Pricing is very critical factor in marketing. I would advice McDonald to apply psychological pricing in their products if they are determined to counter composition arising from their opponents.


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All about Customer Service Essay

Wondering what a customer service essay is. The primary purpose of such an essay is to form strong relationships with the customers. It aims to bring customers back by telling them how important they are. These essays usually tell the customers about the steps an organization takes to ensure that their customers are satisfied. A good structure also plays an integral part in the quality of the essay.

The Proper Structure For Your Essay

A high-quality essay must follow a proper structure. Always remember that your professor is not only looking for reasonable arguments. He is focused on the way you structure these arguments in the research paper. Below let’s discuss some key components of a strong essay structure:

The First Paragraph

First impressions always last. Even if you are on your first date, you always start with the best form. Similarly, a good customer service essay must also have an amazing introductory paragraph. Try to use strong and captivating vocabulary when starting the essay.

But don’t just start the essay with specific information. Most students use a funneling approach in the introduction. Start with general information about the topic and gradually tone down to the specifics. This will give a professional feel to your essay, and your professor will be impressed.

Let’s look at an example. For instance, if your professor requires you to write a customer service essay, explain the different types of customer support techniques. Then you can focus on the method that is dominant in many organizations.

Introductory paragraphs are generally short. An introduction must not be more than 10% of the entire essay.

Main Body

The second and probably the most crucial part of the essay is the body. It might be a good idea to take a piece of paper and note down all the important arguments you want in the essay. Now you have a clear line of what you want to write, and the writing process will be smooth. Allocate one paragraph for each of your points so that clarity might be achieved in the document. Try to start with the most compelling arguments and end each section with the line that connects the next one.

For instance, if you are writing about the key aspects of effective customer service, some topics of arguments might be:

  • Customer Loyalty;
  • Customer Satisfaction;
  • Customer Expectations;
  • Customer Complaints.

The main body paragraphs, like the essay, follow a specific structure. Start the paragraph with a significant point to discuss and eventually lead up to the thesis statement. Try to use strong vocabulary and avoid any fillers. Students are tempted to add unnecessary information in the main body to increase the word count. Always avoid this habit because this might lower your essay quality. Put to keep the text concise and to the point. Professors love an essay that is not too wordy and clearly defines every argument.

Lastly, avoid using repetitive sentences. If you have already discussed a certain point, no need to repeat it several times. This looks highly unprofessional. Try to make the words as catchy as possible and avoid grammatical mistakes.


The conclusion is the last part of your essay. Make sure that the last paragraph does not contain any new arguments. It should only reignite your thesis statement and have your point of view. The purpose of a concluding paragraph is to summarize the entire essay. It must be a short paragraph and squeeze all the main arguments to complement the whole text.

Conclusions are great when they use catchy words that fascinate the reader. For example, if your essay revolves around customer relationships in customer service, try to conclude something that gives your point of view. Try to end the essay on a good note that makes the reader satisfied. Cliffhangers are not advisable as they leave ambiguity in writing.

Try to use sentences that give a more significant meaning in a short space. Your professor has to check hundreds of essays. He might frown at wordy sentences and mark the essay as poor.


Using references in an essay is very important. Term papers are generally complicated essays. They require backing up of each fact and figure that you aim to discuss. To prove that the information acquired comes from a credible source, having a separate bibliography section is extremely important.

Adding references improves your research credibility and shows the professor that you put into finding good and accurate information for the essay. You might also include in-text citations in the paper to make it more accurate. Some common types of referencing styles are:

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