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Personal Statement Editing Service: Advantages of Working with Us

For years, we have provided our services to a diverse customer base. Here are some of the advantages that keep our customers happy:

Quick Turnaround

Whenever you use this service to hire an editor to edit your work, be sure of timely delivery. We understand the importance of submitting applications before the expiry of the deadline, so our editing team is ready to go the extra mile to meet your expectation.

Thorough Checks and Edits

Our experts do not just check and correct your document for the sake of it. Instead, they do an exhaustive job that entails the following:

  • Correction of misspellings, punctuation, & grammatical blunders
  • Changing of sentence formulations and wording to enhance readability
  • Structural checks to ensure clarity
  • Highlighting of clarity or consistency issues
  • Provision of useful comments regarding writing style

Get to the Top University with Our Service

Universities and colleges receive tons of applications each year. In light of that, the selection process is often quite competitive, and to stand out, one must provide an excellent statement. It is particularly essential since this document will better convey your unique personal qualities, qualifications, and intentions.

Nonetheless, your best efforts of selling yourself can be undermined if you submit a statement full of mistakes. Often, members of the admission panel will quickly throw an application in the “reject” pile if it is full of errors. Simple issues such as misspellings can ruin your chances.

Luckily, our company exists to keep you from making such a blunder during this all-important moment. We have accredited editors ready to polish your document. They will ensure that your statement is written in excellent English, well-organized, and professional. Ultimately, with a remarkable statement, you significantly increase your chances of getting accepted by your dream university.

Personal Statement Editing: 5 Reasons to Pick Our Service

You have most likely seen other personal statement editing services and are not sure which one you should pick. Why proofread with us and not anyone else? We’ve been in the industry for nearly a decade and in that time, have amassed a considerable number of loyal customers. Our clients keep coming back because of the services we provide.

One of the top reasons to pick us to proofread your personal statement is that we’ll help you strike the right tone and style. In a personal essay for college admission, it matters what you tell and how you tell it. Your tone can surprisingly say a lot about you. Our professionals know what admission officers from top universities look for exactly when assessing this essay and can help you.

You also get to manage the editing process. You set the deadline you want, pick your preferred editor, and give guidelines for your order. You can also check your order’s progress at any point by messaging the expert or support. You should also try us because of:

  • Plenty of favorable reviews from students
  • Revisions, at no charge, if you need a new edit
  • Full protection of your identity and personal data

Proofread Your Personal Statement Quick Today

Take advantage of our personal statement review service and hire an editor to assist you in polishing your document. Want to get into the university you believe that you deserve? A personal statement gives you a great shot at it. And it is the only chance for you to show how unique you are and why you deserve to be selected. Make the most use of it by submitting an essay that describes you well and is also mistake-free.

We’ll also make sure that not grammar, lexical, or other unpleasant errors are present in your personal statement. Also, we’ll ensure that your document is correctly-formatted and easy to follow. So, if you need editing assistance you can rely on, try us.

EssayEdge has best practices in Personal Statements Editing and Proofreading for applicants to Ivy League Universities and other Academic Institutions:

While working with our clients, editors consider that each personal statement is unique and requires an individual approach. So, academic level is among the most crucial factors to address.

Personal Statement

If you want to give current article to your teenage child you might be right. But adults can be interested in it too. Personal statement is a piece of individual writing a person usually encloses to his or her university application. It’s never too late to study, universities accept not only young and enthusiastic people but representatives of all ages. Anyway, we think it’s vital to know how to write a personal statement. Who knows maybe next year you’ll express desire to go back to school! Internet as usual can offer you a huge amount of personal statement examples for any case. We prefer to stick to theory that it should be unique and reflect best traits of your character and has a full story of your achievements. Personal statement format is not strict but of course there is a plan to follow. First is introduction. It should be catchy and captivate reader’s attention from first sentence. In several blocks tell briefly but vividly about your education, experience and skills. Don’t ask anyone for help, use your own words and phrases, let the committee know what a person you are. Search for tips on how to write a personal statement but do writing part yourself, without appropriating anyone’s thoughts. In personal financial statement explain need of scholarship or financial aid. In personal mission statement define your primary goals you plan to achieve in life with help of high school.

Personal statement examples for different aims

Not to get lost under flood of information about personal statements, everyone should know that for each type of high school there should be a unique piece of paper.

Personal statement for graduate school won’t contain any information about your desperate need of financial assistance in studying. This is what a personal financial statement for.

Planning to become a famous doctor and getting a medical certificate? Write a medical school personal statement, describe your preference. There is surely a noble reason for choosing career of doctor. After finishing studies and applying for a place in hospital as an intern there is a necessity to write residency personal statement. And again you say what made you think this very hospital would provide the best experience for you.

Dreaming of a career in jurisprudence? Be sure to make best law school personal statement ever. The competition between applicants is quite hard, as there are plenty of them. With moderate or low grades knowledge of how to write a personal statement is not just important, it’s vital. When looking through samples ignore those that don’t belong to necessary sphere. Medical school personal statement examples are not proper when applying for law school.

Importance of a good statement

Use of correct personal statement format is significant. Grades matter too but a brilliant piece of writing may win you a place in high school. Devote as much time as possible to compose it. Even when making a personal statement for college do your best. Examine your work several times, make notes, change part you don’t like, give it to you teacher or senior to evaluate. Personal mission statement examples will help to make a right decision and sometimes completely change your mind.

16 Winning Personal Statement Examples (And Why They Work)

, is one of the most important documents you will write when applying to schools or jobs. An exceptional personal statement can increase your chances of admission or getting a job offer. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate to a prospective employer or school that your skills, experience and previous education have prepared you to excel in their program.

In this article, we show you how to write a compelling personal statement and provide 16 personal statement examples and a template to help you start writing.

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a written account of who you are, what interests you and what your goals are in life.

In business, a personal statement is a brief paragraph that summarizes your professional accomplishments. In academics, a personal statement is typically longer, although it’s still a short essay that introduces you to a selection committee.

Employers and universities use personal statements to learn about candidates’ academic qualifications, interests, motivations and other important factors. Professional statements, if written correctly, can be a deciding factor for a job or educational program.

When you apply for scholarships and graduate studies, the main requirements are your personal statement, GPA and letters of recommendation

. The quality of your personal statement often carries more weight than the other two requirements, which makes it vital to get it right.

A thoughtful and well-written personal statement that is tailored to the school or employer can take some time and effort. Remember that no two personal statements are the same, as they are about your individual experiences and goals.

16 personal statement examples

Here are 16 personal statement examples—both school and career—to help you create your own:

1. Personal statement example for graduate school

A personal statement for graduate school differs greatly from one to further your professional career. It is usually an essay, rather than a brief paragraph. Here is an example of a personal statement written for graduate school admission:

Jean Smith
Personal statement for master’s program in educational policy and analysis
Columbia College of Education

“I held my first college textbook when I was a 23-year-old college freshman. I know that’s not the traditional age for freshmen, but I wasn’t a traditional college student. Instead of living in a dorm room at 18, I was living at my grandmother’s house with my newborn daughter. No one in my family had gone to college; it’s not that we didn’t think it was important, but we could hardly afford our electricity bills.

Because of her personal experiences being a single mother and without a college education, my grandmother knew the despair of sinking so deep in debt that it felt impossible to make it out on her own.

In our crumbling neighborhood and our own family, she had seen many generations of people become stuck with insufficient education, and she knew she might be the only chance out for my daughter and I. So when my daughter was old enough to go to elementary school, my grandmother encouraged me to go back to school too. She sold her car to help me pay for community college tuition and textbooks.

Using those textbooks, I studied hard, received top marks on my exams and earned a scholarship to complete my undergraduate degree at Indiana College, where I graduated with honors. I then returned my focus to our crumbling neighborhood schools, getting a teaching job at my daughter’s middle school and later an administrator role. I fundraised for better textbooks and applied for numerous community grants to lift our school to higher academic standards than when I was a student there.

My daughter is one of the many students in our district who need a properly funded education to lift her out of poverty—just as it did for me, giving me a new foothold in society. While teaching has been personally satisfying, I want to affect educational policy at a national level to assist entire communities of learners. That is why I am looking to pursue a master’s degree in educational policy at the Columbia College of Education.

I believe that information is the key to change, and the best way to affect change is by organizing and presenting information in such a way that it can make a difference. I look forward to classes such as Racial Perspectives on Early Childhood Policy, to which I can speak from personal experience as both a teacher and a mother to understand how to affect change on a local level.

I am determined to do my part in removing the roadblock of poverty from student life. In graduate school and beyond, I look forward to using hard data to make radical, positive changes in the educational system and to learn from and contribute to the existing body of knowledge.”

Here are examples of personal statements for your business career:

2. Technical writer personal statement

“I am a senior technical writer with 10 years of experience writing software documentation, templates and user manuals to explain highly complex systems and processes. I am passionate about making my documentation both clear and efficient so users can understand these complex processes. I adapt well to the changing needs of businesses and enjoy researching new document management systems to streamline the revision process.”

3. Design assistant personal statement

“Recent graduate from Missouri College with a bachelor of arts in fashion design looking to apply skills and passion for design in an entry-level assistant role. Spent the last five years designing and creating dresses to sell at the monthly St. Louis Arts Fair. Quick learner who thrives on challenges.”

4. Data scientist personal statement

“While focusing on statistics and analytics at my university, I worked in the financial sector through an internship at a major multinational firm. My education and tactical experience helped me develop technical capabilities in data engineering and science.

I have consistently proven my ability to meet deadlines and achieve project objectives, solve mission-critical problems and prioritize crucial tasks while maintaining the high standards expected of my role. I am currently seeking a position in an established data science firm to further my career goals.”

5. Marketing specialist personal statement

“Senior digital marketing specialist with extensive experience in e-commerce. Have experience working with several multinational brands in the development of global marketing strategies, improving market reach and coverage. Currently seeking a senior marketer position in an international firm.”

6. Project manager personal statement

“As a seasoned project manager who excels in identifying problems and finding solutions, I can save your company a considerable amount by speeding up project execution. My track record tells my story better than I can: I saved my previous employer over $250,000 in the past three years by completing projects an average of 15% faster than my peers.”

7. Hospice caregiver personal statement

“Patient and detail-oriented caregiver with excellent communication and organizational skills seeking a position to provide personalized care to patients to improve their overall comfort, health and well-being. More than a decade of experience tending to patients in the final stages of their illness.”

8. Sales representative personal statement

“Results-driven sales representative with a decade of experience in B2B sales. Proven track record of closing multimillion-dollar deals in art and design markets and a reputation for adhering to the highest standards of personal and team excellence.”

9. Talent recruiter personal statement

“I’m a talent acquisition specialist with an interest in building the most effective workforces possible. For more than 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses find their perfect hires. I also consult companies on compensation, benefits, new hire processes and company culture.”

10. Career counselor personal statement

“I’ve helped thousands of job seekers land their dream jobs at Fortune 500 companies via my coaching programs. From resumes to cover letters and optimizing their presence online, I enjoy teaching people the science of crafting materials for every stage of their career.”

11. Business analyst personal statement

“Experienced business analyst with a background in project and team management, accounting and process engineering. I am always looking for new ways to mitigate risk, increase company efficiency and create new partnership opportunities.”

12. Trial lawyer personal statement

“Growing up in a working-class neighborhood of St. Louis, I developed a thick skin and a disciplined approach to problem solving by discerning people’s interests and motives. This motivated me to study law to fight against bullies and injustice. In the past decade as a trial lawyer for Morgan, Brooks and Blake, I’ve developed a conflict resolution model that has won more than 90% of the time and always put my clients’ interests first.”

13. Teacher personal statement

“Elementary school teacher with 5+ years of experience managing classrooms of 20-30 students. Adept at using positive reinforcement teaching techniques to encourage student behavior and development. Looking to use my creativity and experience to engage at-risk students.”

14. Social media specialist personal statement

“Social media and branding specialist with a proven track record of increasing engagement across various channels. Experienced in public speaking and enthusiastic about teaching executives how to fine-tune their marketing efforts in the digital sphere.”

15. Graphic designer personal statement

“I’m an award-winning freelance graphic designer who has delivered creative and engaging solutions across brand identity, print, packaging and digital media. My work has been featured in a variety of publications, including Folio, Arizona Byways and Beach Magazine.”

16. Neurosurgeon personal statement

“Compassionate medical professional with a specialty in neurosurgery and thrives in challenging work environments under extreme pressure. Proven ability to assess and investigate patient symptoms and make critical decisions on treatment. Committed to researching and making developments in the field to improve standards of neurosurgical practices worldwide through technological advances.”

What makes a good personal statement?

A powerful personal statement can take different forms, but it must have the following attributes:

A distinct message

A great personal statement delivers your narrative positioning you as an ideal candidate for the program or job. To communicate your message with clarity, brainstorm about the key points of your essay and then refine it to the best of your abilities.

Decide the most important points to address, such as success in work and school. Highlight achievements, such as being on the dean’s list or leading a team project. Talk about your wealth of experience and other relevant topics.

Your essay should emphasize your positive qualities even if you do that by explaining some of your weaknesses. You can turn setbacks into successes by explaining the setback and the steps you took to overcome them. Demonstrate your strength and persistence.

Specific illustrations

Great personal statements use specific examples to boost their narratives. Provide examples that demonstrate a genuine interest in the program or job, such as mentioning people who are breaking new ground in the industry, the trajectory of the field and how you intend to contribute to the body of knowledge.

For example, if you want to study a particular insect, you can state that you love insects, but you also need to explain why. You can narrate an experience that opened your eyes to the features of insects that allow some of them to thrive even in the most unforgiving environments. Describe the specific insect you are passionate about and how your drive to understand its role in the environment led you to pursue a graduate degree in entomology.

Your suitability

Your personal statement should explain what makes you suitable for the role or program and why it is the next step in your career or academic journey. Use this opportunity to highlight specific aspects that interest you and how those opportunities will empower you to become a better person for your field. You can also reference the works of specific faculty members that inspired you to apply for the program. This establishes your insight, understanding and passion

Impeccable writing

As with any formal essay or letter you write, your personal statement needs to be well written. Avoid grammar and spelling errors and remove clichés from your writing by double- and triple-checking your work. If you are unsure, make several drafts and ask for someone you trust to read it and offer constructive criticism. Your statement should have a professional tone. Avoid casual statements and phrases, but make sure it is conversational. Work on your essay early so you have time to edit, proofread and deliver it by the deadline.

Tips for writing a great personal statement

The personal statement or personal statement plays a vital role in university and job applications. It offers an opportunity to convince the admissions committee you are a good fit for the program, or the hiring committee you’d be a good fit for their team. Grad school programs often set word limits for personal statements, so make every word count. The tips below will help you write an exceptional essay:

Ignore the word count in drafts

Make it personal

Focus on your strengths

Make your introduction captivating

Ignore the word count in drafts

Regardless of the target word count for your personal statement, create your drafts without worrying about the limit. When you start your essay, it can be difficult to try to stay within a certain number. Instead, write as many words as you need to tell your story, then narrow it down to the most important details in subsequent edits. Not only does this make your work easier, but it also improves the overall coherence and messaging of your personal statement.

Make it personal

Your personal statement gives you the chance to reveal qualifying attributes that are not apparent in your application and CV. You can explain how someone influenced your life, but try to keep the focus on your experiences. Use real-life examples of situations that will demonstrate the qualities the program wants.

Example: “In my final year at college, I lost my part-time job and scholarship and had no one to support me financially. Despite the huge toll these events took on my mental and financial status, I was able to maintain my 3.98 GPA. Now, I work for the top-performing company in the fintech sector. I mention this to demonstrate my preparedness to persevere in the face of adversity to achieve my dreams.”

Write it early

You might have plenty of time to write your statement, but it is best to work on it as soon as possible. The best personal statements require time, research, brainstorming, introspection and a lot of editing. It may take you over a month or two to finish a version that delivers your message in a way that resonates with the reader.

Sometimes, you may have to take a break from the essay to get a new perspective or include a better angle. If you finish a draft, leave it overnight and review it in the morning. Share the draft with others

for a different perspective.

Focus on your strengths

A great personal statement is a sales pitch that highlights the attributes that qualify you as a worthy candidate. Concentrate on your knowledge of the field, your experiences and your projections for the future.

Example: “My undergraduate studies prepared me well for my profession. Understanding the role of truckers and fleet companies gave me a unique insight into the workings of the logistics industry and how to improve the conditions of drivers, my organization’s bottom-line and customer satisfaction. Working in this industry opened my eyes to the impact of overregulation in the transport sector. I believe there is an urgent need for regulators to come up with creative reforms to transport laws, improve driver welfare and create more awareness on the challenges of trucking.”

Make your introduction captivating

Your introduction is one of the most important elements of your personal statement, so make it powerful. You can start with an interesting or unusual experience that ignited your interest in the field. An emotional opening that focuses on a personal story can also give a good impression and encourage the committee members to continue reading your story.

Example: “In 2004, my family woke up to find our dog was giving birth. She delivered five puppies, but acted like more puppies were coming. We waited for a little while, but nothing changed. We took her to the vet’s office where they were able to deliver the last puppy via cesarean section. The veterinarian saved not only her life but her puppy’s, and I vowed that day to become a veterinary doctor so I could pay it forward. My love for animals has increased significantly since then, and I believe a degree in your foremost V.M.D. program will let me do what I love doing most: caring for animals.”

Own it

Personal statements are unique essays that differ from person to person and define the experiences and qualifications that make you the right candidate. Write a compelling essay that not only shows who you are to the university or hiring committee, but also encourages them to invite you to the next stage of the admission or hiring process.

Be humble

It is acceptable to highlight your positive traits, but most of your successes and achievements will be on your resume and application. Focus on your interest in the program, core values

and personal experiences instead.

Be honest

While a personal statement concentrates on your strengths, it also allows you to be transparent. You can mention weaknesses in your application and use the opportunity to highlight traits that enabled you to excel despite setbacks. Use your weaknesses to prove your dedication to excellence even when things do not work as planned.

Personal statement template for graduate school

Most personal statements should include specific paragraphs, such as why you are interested in the program, what qualities you have that align with the program and any interests that relate. Remember that a personal statement is about you and no one else.

Consider using this personal statement template when drafting your own for graduate school admission:

[Your Name]
Personal statement for [X] program
[The name of the school]

[Introduction: Your introduction should state your interest in the program and the university. Explain the experiences that made you interested in the field.]

[Section one: Education. Explain any education that helped you prepare for the program. Include specific courses and subjects and how they apply.]

[Section two: Additional research. Explain any additional research you conducted outside of school. Include any volunteer experiences or seminars you attended to learn more about your interests.]

[Section three: Work experience. Explain your work experience and what skills and knowledge you gained.]

[Section four: Hobbies. Include this section only if your hobbies apply to the program. Try to make it as relevant as possible.]

[Conclusion. Reiterate your interest in the program and the skills and experience that qualify you. This is also the time to include post-study aspirations if you have a specific career path in mind.]

Get your personal statement draft reviewed by a TSR PS reviewer!

Personal statement reviews on The Student Room is a free service that aims to give advice and tips for improving applicants’ personal statements for university applications. The PS reviewers are all current university students, graduates and professionals who donate their time to help others.

Who runs the service?

The Personal statement helper team is made up of community members and TSR Volunteers who use their expertise in their subject areas to review personal statements.

What does the personal statement review service offer to students?

  • This is a peer-run service managed by volunteers and supported by TSR community staff who have both considerable experiencing of reviewing personal statements and have been through the university application process themselves.
  • Previously the volunteers ran The Student Room’s PS Help service between 2005 and 2012 completing over 10,000 personal statement reviews.
  • TSR members submit their final UCAS personal statement draft confidentially into a private forum where only PS reviewers can view the content.
  • Members are provided with advice and feedback on the content and structure of their personal statement, this may include recommendations for improvements to spelling, grammar and wording.
  • Your personal statement will not be rewritten for you and you are expected to have checked the spelling and grammar before submitting.
  • Where possible a reviewer with expert knowledge on the subject will provide a review.

Check out our article on How to write an excellent personal statement in 10 steps, with expert advice from admissions tutors on how to write a good personal statement that will get you noticed!

Is there anything I need to do before submitted my personal statement?

Yes, to ensure the draft you submit is to a good standard please format it using our personal statement builder. Once you have added all of your content you’ll be able to work through a checklist as well as being provided with feedback on your character and line count usage and a review of any clichéd words or phrases. It’s worth changing these at this stage as the PS reviewer will tell you to the same. Make sure that the final draft of your personal statement is between 3,000 and 4,500 characters. Statements that are much too long or short will not be reviewed.

Where do I submit my review?

In our private and confidential Submitted PS reviews forum here!

How long will the review take?

We aim to complete reviews within 5 working days. Please don’t submit your personal statement for review if you have a deadline within two weeks as you are unlikely to have time for a review and a redraft before your deadline.

*Please do NOT post your personal statement in the Personal Statement Advice forum – this is just a place to ask questions! Submit your PS for review here*

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          How to Write a Powerful Personal Statement

          In this video, Jenn, a certified Career Coach, shares her key steps for crafting a personal statement that is authentic, impressive and helps you stand out from the crowd.

          Prospective employers and universities may ask for a personal statement that details your qualifications for a position or degree program. Writing a compelling personal statement is an excellent way to highlight your skills and goals to an employer or university. A well-written personal statement can give you a competitive advantage over other candidates and help you secure a new job or college placement.

          In this article, we discuss how to write an effective personal statement for a job or education application.

          What is a personal statement?

          A personal statement is an account of your achievements, talents, interests and goals often included in job or university applications or on resumes. Personal statements for university and jobs have similar content, but university personal statements are usually longer and more detailed. University personal statements are typically three or four paragraphs. When included in job applications and resumes, these statements are generally a single paragraph. Employers and universities may have their own requirements, so make sure to heed any word or character limits.

          How to write a personal statement

          Breaking the task of writing a personal statement down into small, manageable steps can help you write a strong statement for a job or university placement. While your introduction, body and conclusion sections should be in that order, you can write them in any order that best helps you effectively write your statement. For example, writing your body first and then returning to write the introduction can help you craft a stronger opening because you already know what the rest of your statement discusses.

          The following approach ensures you include all essential components and make each sentence as effective as it can be:

          1. Write a personal introduction

          Write an introduction that reflects you and your personality. It should say why you are interested in the job or degree and, if appropriate, your recent experience with the job type or course topics. Starting a personal statement with sentences that show who you are can help encourage the recipient to read further.

          For a job application, consider addressing what first interested you in the position’s listing. Use a single, strong sentence to mention the most relevant aspects of your personality and interests in the role or company. For a university application, discuss what parts of the program or school align with your passions. Your university introduction should be a full paragraph.

          2. Expand on relevant skills, interests and experiences

          The body of your personal statement lets you share more about your relevant skills, interests and experiences. Write about personal details that relate to the job or course for which you are applying. You could write about the following elements, where relevant, in the body of your personal statement:

          Your achievements and experience: Write about your degrees, certifications, awards, years of industry experience and positions you have held that relate to the job’s responsibilities or the university’s educational offerings.

          Your relevant skills and talents: Describe the talents and skills you have learned during university or on your career path. Consider mentioning specific skills discussed in a job listing or values the school is looking for in students.

          What you would bring to the organization: Discuss why you feel you would be an asset to the company or university. You can mention your experience or eagerness to learn specific skills, perform tasks or earn credentials in a field.

          Your professional or academic goals: Write about how the job or course you are applying for fits into your dreams for the future. Consider selecting a specific goal the job or course can help you achieve.

          Two sentences should be sufficient for the body of your job personal statement. You may choose two or three of the previously listed elements to discuss in those sentences to keep it comprehensive while also being brief. If your university personal statement is a general prompt asking about your interest and goals, the body of your college personal statement should be one or two paragraphs. A recent high school graduate may need just one paragraph, while someone applying for an advanced degree should write two paragraphs when discussing the professional experience and skills they have in their chosen field.

          3. Write a strong conclusion

          Craft a conclusion that leaves a strong, lasting impression on the prospective employer or university admissions officer. It should be a clear restatement of why you applied and what you hope to achieve with the experience. It should also persuade the reader to take action on you as a candidate, either reading through the rest of your resume or reviewing your other academic credentials.

          In this final section of your statement, you can include:

          Extension of your professional goals: Some statements for job applications may include specific references to your goals and how the position can help you achieve those goals. For a university personal statement, reinforce how the school’s mission or coursework can prepare you for a career. In both types of statements, consider discussing relevant short- and long-term goals, such as what you hope to achieve in the school or position and where you see yourself in 5-10 years.

          Summary of your personal statement: A brief summary of the main points in your statement can be an effective strategy for a one-sentence conclusion or one sentence of a larger conclusion. Be sure to connect your achievements, experiences and skills directly to your future contributions to the company or university.

          Link back to your introduction: Revisit your introduction and what interested you in the position, school or degree program. Consider extending this idea by combining your desire with your qualifications. Ending a personal statement on your enthusiasm for the opportunity can influence a company or university to consider your candidacy seriously.

          The conclusion of your personal statement for a job should be a single sentence, so consider selecting only one of the above strategies. Write a full paragraph for the conclusion of your personal statement for a university and consider using a blend of two or three of these strategies for a comprehensive and engaging conclusion.

          4. Proofread and edit

          Once you have written your personal statement, take the time to proofread and edit it. Read your personal statement aloud to hear how your writing sounds and find areas of improvement, such as:

          Spelling and grammar

          Simple, easy-to-understand language

          Review your personal statement to find these areas yourself, and consider having a friend or colleague read it for you, too. This person can give you feedback on improving it in those areas.

          Tips for writing a strong personal statement

          The best personal statements have a personal yet professional tone and relevant, direct information. Understanding what strong personal statements have in common can help you create your own. Keep the following tips in mind when writing your own personal statements:

          Write in your own voice: Use your own words to describe your qualifications to make your statement feel more personal and uniquely you.

          Keep it simple: Short sentences and simple language can ensure your personal statement is clear and effective.

          Have a positive tone: Use language that demonstrates your enthusiasm for the opportunity and gratitude for the reader’s consideration.

          Use active voice: Active voice means using strong verbs that engage a reader and directly identify your accomplishments, which can make your personal statement more effective.

          Be unique: Your personal statement should be unique to you, so discuss what makes you different from other candidates. Include specific details and brief examples of your experiences to help your personal statement stand out.

          Powerful personal statement examples

          Use these personal statements to help you write your own.

          Personal statement for employment

          The following is an example of a personal statement that could appear on a resume or in a job application.

          “I recently graduated from the University of Indiana with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, and I would love to apply the skills I refined at university and my passion for fashion to your design assistant role. In addition to my studies, I have spent the last five years designing and creating dresses to sell at the monthly Indianapolis Arts Market. Seeing the excitement on my regular customers’ faces trying my new creations strengthened my commitment to a career in fashion. I am a quick learner who thrives on challenges, which I believe I would find at your design house.”

          Personal statement for a university application

          This is an example of a personal statement for a college application. Note that it is longer and more detailed than the personal statement for employment.

          “I am applying for a position in your Master of Business Administration course because I’m passionate about advancing my marketing career and interested to learn more about management strategies. I first became interested in marketing while earning my Bachelor of Science in Business at Peru State College in Nebraska. I was fascinated by the way marketers could use images and text to persuade consumers to purchase products and the range of different modern marketing tools, including social media and virtual reality.

          After graduating, I began working as a marketing coordinator with The Digital Eye. My eagerness to learn and try new methods saw me quickly progress through the company. As I moved from simple research and administrative tasks to coordinating marketing events and assisting with the creative process, my passion for marketing grew.

          I feel I am ready to take the next step in my career and work as a marketing manager. Studying a Master of Business Administration at NYU Stern School of Business would help me gain the skills I need to transition into my desired role. I feel the coursework in leadership, production management and operation management would help me succeed in a managerial position. I also appreciate that your school offers online classes and part-time study. These options would help me devote the time I need to excel academically without compromising my performance at The Digital Eye.

          I respect your school’s reputation for excellence and commitment to career development. I believe it would be a stimulating learning environment and a place where I could connect with several like-minded students. My passion for learning and my exceptional academic and professional record would make me an asset to your school. I fondly recall my time at Peru State College and hope I can make more special memories studying at NYU Stern School of Business.”

          Personal statement review

          Your Personal Statement is the most important part of your University application. Let us custom write, edit, review and critique or critique and edit your Personal Statement to help you get that University Place!

          Price Calculator

          Please complete the form below to obtain a rough price estimate.

          Custom Personal Statements

          Original, bespoke personal statements, written by professionals to your exact specification.

          Personal Statement Review and Critique

          A comprehensive critique of your personal statements by a professional writer, with improvement.

          Personal Statement Editing

          A comprehensive edit of your personal statements to fully comply with the requirements of your chosen course.

          Personal Statement Critique & Editing

          A full critique of your personal statement, a list of suggested improvements, and a full amend and edit service to polish your statement.

          CV Writing Service

          Do you want your CV to be written by a MREC/CIPD CV Writer? Kick start your career today by ordering a high-impact CV from

          Free Samples

 is proud to offer you samples and tips to help you with your personal statement and it’s free!

          Admissions officers read tens, if not hundreds of personal statements a day, how will you make your personal statement stand out?

          Your personal statement is the best tool available that allows you to ‘sell yourself’ in a way that will impress and charm admission officers so they pick you, and not somebody else. Competition for university places is becoming fierce, which is why you need an attention grabbing, vibrant and convincing way to get your place in your dream university, and this is exactly what an effective personal statement can achieve!

          Is the question ‘How do I write a personal statement’ running through your mind? Look no further!

          The pressure you can feel when writing about yourself is understandable, and having to write the perfect personal statement can be quite daunting… but this is where we come in! We will analyse your skills, interests, aspirations, achievements and hobbies, and transform them so they make you stand out in the crowd. Our professional writers will use their extensive experience to make sure that you are presented in the best possible way.

          We will use all of the information that you provide us with, to produce an interesting and exciting personal statement. If you want a custom made personal statement that will make you stand out and that will make your chosen University want you as part of their institution – contact us and we will help you achieve this.

          We offer a wide variety of services, all of which are covered by our comprehensive set of guarantees including no resale guarantee (every personal statement written by our team, is exactly what it says-personal, and will never be resold or published), no plagiarism money-back guarantee and top quality guarantee.

          By placing your order with us you can be confident that you will receive top quality service, delivered on or before your deadline. Our customer support team are available 8am – 11pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday. We are open daily to provide quick, efficient and useful support via e-mail or phone.

          We can custom write your personal statement based on all of the information you provide us with and our writers will incorporate all of your achievements and aspirations to ensure you impress your university. Get your custom-written personal statement from only £30.00.

          If you have already written your personal statement and would like it to be transformed into your ticket to university, we also offer a professional review and critique service. For only £58.00 a professional writer will review your personal statement and provide you with at least 10 recommendations that are GUARANTEED to IMPROVE your personal statement.

          You may have produced a personal statement and have a number of suggested amendments from your tutor. Or you may be struggling to combine all of the elements you need to write your personal statement. Two heads are always better than one, and our professional writers can work with you and your statement to make it perfect. Starting from only £24.00, our professional writers will edit your personal statement to incorporate your tutor’s suggestions, your own remarks and our writer’s recommendations. So you will end up with a personal statement that is full of ideas that will guarantee success.

          If you have written your personal statement, but you want to make it the best it can possibly be – we can offer you our most comprehensive service, which starts with a critique of your personal statement, along with suggestions for improvement. Once you have approved their suggestions, our experts will then edit your personal statement accordingly. From only £73.80 we will revise and edit your personal statement to give it that final boost.

          If you would like to see examples of our writers work, we also provide free personal statement samples written by our professional writers!

          All in all we offer the most professional and comprehensive services that are available to new and potential students, wanting to take that first step on the university ladder or for those that wish to further their education. We have the utmost confidence in our writers and offer you substantial guarantees to give you complete peace of mind.

          For perfect and professional personal statements, you are in exactly the right place.

          Law School
          Personal Statement Editing & Coaching

          A polished personal statement means you can apply to your program with confidence. Together, we will maximize your chances of getting accepted!

          1. Home
          2. Proofreading & Editing
          3. Personal statement editing

          A great first impression

          You only get one shot at a first impression. Our editors polish your text to help you convey your personality and motivation in a clear, convincing way.

          Personalized writing tips

          Since your application is only the beginning, your editor will provide you with personalized writing tips that you can use throughout your entire career.

          100% happiness guaranteed

          We aim to make all our customers happy. In the unlikely event that you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your money or edit your document again for free.

          More than just a spell check

          Scribbr editors correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors using track changes, but that’s not all. To take your personal statement to the next level, they also give feedback and ensure

          • Clear sentence structure
          • Concise, coherent phrasing
          • Consistent tone and style
          • and more…

          Rest assured, we make sure your voice remains dominant throughout your personal statement.

          Structure Check personal statement editing

          Tell a powerful story

          With this service, you can be sure your personal statement tells a complete, convincing story. Your editor gives feedback on

          • Strengthening your structure
          • Tailoring your personal statement to the school or program
          • Presenting your motivation and qualifications

          We can also help you reduce your word count by up to 25% and make sure that every word adds value.


          For the Personal Statement Editing & Coaching service, you’ll pay a flat fee of $150 and be matched with a personal statement editor, who will review your draft and help you strengthen your writing.

          You’ll receive…

          • A professionally edited personal statement
          • Advice on how to tell a clear and compelling story
          • Assurance that you’ve made a strong case for your admission
          • Suggestions to help you meet your word count

          You’ll receive your feedback in 12 hours or less. Get peace of mind knowing your personal statement is the best it can be, and boost your chances of getting accepted at your top schools.

          personal statement editor

          Meet your experienced personal statement editor

          Our editors have improved hundreds of personal statements. They know what’s important to admissions committees, and they use that knowledge to provide you with valuable feedback.

          All our editors are native English speakers who passed the Scribbr Academy and are specialized in personal statement coaching.

          Thanks to our editors’ passion and high standards, students give Scribbr an excellent 4.9 score on Trustpilot.

          Customers rate our proofreading service excellent!

          Very good service

          Very good service! When I saw the price, I was a little shocked at first. However, now that I have seen the work behind the corrections, I find it justified. I could really learn a lot from the hints and have learned a lot about scientific work. If you have the money, I really recommend it!

          Best editing experience

          Great experience with categorized comments, tips, and overall comments.

          I am very satisfied with the editing…

          I am very satisfied with the editing and proofreading service offered by Scribbr. My editor Katherine did an exceptionally good job and I would like to thank her once again for her help.

          So helpful!

          I felt so much better about my graduate essay submission after getting edits. The feedback was thoughtful and thorough.


          Great! Highly recommend.

          Cecille did a really great job to…

          Cecille did a really great job to improve my thesis. Im very satisfied!


          Perfect! this was exactly what my thesis needed.

          Great service!

          Scribbr lifted my white paper to another level. I am delighted with the contribution!

          great correction job

          I am very happy with the correction of my thesis. It was detailed and constructive. The comments were really helpful and informative. I can absolutely recommend this service!

          A strong 4

          The process was really simple and I got some advice and help with better grammar and structure of sentences. The customers service was also excellent in helping me with some questions. I want to give it a strong 4, the reason for this is that it helped a lot but my teacher still had some notes on grammar/sentences after the corrections of this service

          Highest praise and gratitude for this service

          I cannot remotely begin to adequately express how grateful I am that this service is available and for the hard work of the editing team. The customizable options are absolutely phenomenal; the 24hour option is truly live saving. The user friendly website, process of looking at information for what services I needed, information to understand how the process would work, uploading my documents, options to add notes, timely emails, and ease of accessing the revised documents was truly an impressive service. The comments on my ‘most common mistakes’ is a resource I will be able to use going forward to improve my writing skills, so helpful! I would highly recommend this service to anyone and everyone (maybe don’t wait until your project deadline is 2 days away, but if that does happen to you like it did me, you will be so thankful for choosing this service!)

          It was amazing!

          It was amazing!! The feedback improved my PhD thesis to a great extend & I am extremely happy with the great feedback & input. It was all very transparent & comprehensible.

          Professional editing service!

          The feedback is really helpful. The editor has corrected my grammatical mistakes and made my structure clear and smooth. Overall, the editor is very professional and I recommend the service to everyone who wants to improve their writings.

          Great competence

          Great competence, 100% recommendation!

          Editing was 5-Star but overall experience is 4-Star.

          The editing, proofreading, structure checks, etc. was excellent as usual and deserved a 5-star rating. But due to the mistakes in the citation checks which was partly my fault as I did not provide the required Harvard Referencing Guides, thinking that it would be the same. But apparently, Scribbr’s Harvard Referencing Guide is different from what we were provided by our university. So I rate this experience as 4-Star instead. 14/06/2022 – Updates Scribbr contacted me to understand my concerns. I have to admit that in this case, the faults lies with me as I checked several Harvard Referencing Guides which most of them, if not all have slight differences from the guide provided by my university. I have to admit that despite that, Scribbr was actually very meticulous and detailed explaining each and every edition. Had I given them my guide, they would have done a perfect job. Thus I feel that it is only fair that they deserve a 5-Star.

          Personal Statement Review Service
          For UK UCAS Applications

          Learn bulb

          Personal statement evaluations for all subjects in a detailed line-by-line review.

          Our exclusive scoring system clearly displays your personal statement’s effectiveness.

          Every detail is picked apart and the overall impression recorded in a detailed report. All remarks are accompanied by suggestions for improvement.



          Expert Guidance

          Extensive experience in critiquing and improving personal statements

          Personal statement

          Correct the Fundamentals

          Avoid critical, common and simple mistakes

          Cambridge skyline

          Review Plans

          We don’t just mark personal statements. We Review them

          Everything you need in one neat package. Personal statement reviews are offered for all subjects. The only difference between our plans is the time needed for completion.

          Essential Boost

          • Delivered within 5 working days
          • Detailed line-by-line review with analysis of strengths and weaknesses
          • Exclusive marking system on a range of features
          • Top guidance for a well-rounded personal statement
          • Highlight areas requiring improvement and expansion
          • Identify grammatical and spelling errors
          • Develop outstanding structure and fluency

          Express Boost

          • Delivered within 2 working days
          • Detailed line-by-line review with analysis of strengths and weaknesses
          • Exclusive marking system on a range of features
          • Top guidance for a well-rounded personal statement
          • Highlight areas requiring improvement and expansion
          • Identify grammatical and spelling errors
          • Develop outstanding structure and fluency

          education rocket

          We believe in something simple:

          A better way of reviewing personal statements.

          Master Your Personal Statement

          UniBoost provides a line-by-line analysis. Thus, we can focus on the nitty-gritty of your personal statement.

          Premier Reviews, Incredible Value

          No middlemen, no added costs. As a student-run service, UniBoost is in the ideal position to understand your needs.

          Highlight Your Strengths

          We pinpoint your strengths and help you eloquently focus on them. In conjunction with our help in achieving a fluid flow, never worry about weaknesses again.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Why don’t you write/edit rather than evaluate personal statements?

          We believe that writing or editing personal statements treads on the edge of plagiarism (a definite no-no). More importantly, without personally knowing you, we would only be able to produce generic sentences.

          Reviews also provide us with versatility. Personal statements can be filled with numerous suggestions that reflect the multitude of opinions that surround the subject. This makes it easy to pick and choose which advice you want to follow according to your own preference.

          How are your prices so low?

          We believe that our services should be accessible to as many students as possible. After accounting for all our expenses (and some pocket money), we have managed to minimise the prices of personal statement reviews as much as possible. This is further assisted by the fact that we are online-only, allowing us to optimise and simplify all our services to specifically cater to you.

          My school has offered to mark my personal statement. Do I need this?

          It is great to hear you have such good support!

          Help for personal statements from schools usually takes the form of superficial feedback rather than an in-depth critique and analysis of each sentence. Furthermore, it is difficult to exclude the element of bias – as independent reviewers, we are able to provide reliable, objective evaluations. We greatly believe in the quality of our service and, naturally, are strong advocates for the use of our reviews.

          Do you have an example of a reviewed personal statement?
          What subjects can be reviewed?

          UniBoosts offers reviews for all subjects. Since its inception, UniBoosts has provided reviews for a whole range of subjects, including: Medicine, Law, Engineering, History, Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Literature & Film Studies, Fashion, Artificial Intelligence, Management Studies, Astrophysics and more.

          Will I be guaranteed a place in university if I follow your advice?

          Whilst we provide the ultimate evaluation service, the answer is quite simply no. We critique personal statements and provide suggestions that are aimed at improving your application.

          University applications rely on many other factors, such as your grades and interview performance. In addition, different people will have different opinions upon any piece of literature.

          An aspect that we can’t control is your different achievements and interests, which does play a role in the effectiveness of a personal statement. For this reason, our service includes highlighting and focussing upon your strengths to help you stand out from the crowd.

          How are personal statement reviews delivered?

          Evaluations are accessibly and rapidly sent by e-mail in a .doc format. This provides you with an easily editable document for your future work.

          Is my data safe?

          We take privacy seriously. Quite simply, we are not affiliated with any other organisation or business and will not pass on your information to any third party except for necessary purposes.

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