Phd thesis formatting service

Finishing your dissertation or thesis is stressful enough… Let us tackle your final obstacle: formatting.

After years of working on your graduate degree, the end is in sight! As you prepare for your final dissertation/thesis defense, it is important to remember that most universities have strict formatting guidelines for dissertation and thesis submission. These painful formatting requirements are in addition to whatever style guide you are using (APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.). Thankfully, our formatting experts are well versed in both university and style guide standards for dissertation and thesis formatting.

We offer:

  • PhD-level editors who are intimately familiar with the minutiae of the dissertation/thesis editing process
  • Formatting experts well versed in the intricacies of APA, Chicago, Turabian, MLA, Harvard, and Oxford citation style guides, among others
  • Fluency in countless university-specific formatting requirements, including Walden, Oklahoma State University, Northcentral, Fielding, Stanford, Nova Southeastern, Drexel, Liberty, UC Berkeley, Western Governors, Argosy, UCSD, NYU, Kaplan, Trident, USC, Oxford, University of the Rockies, University of Utah, Wilmington, University of Kentucky, Northeastern, University of Colorado, University of Washington, UCLA, and many more—we master your university’s dissertation/thesis formatting requirements so that you don’t have to!
  • Quick turnaround to ensure that your final product is submitted polished and on time
  • A complimentary round of follow-up revisions if any modifications are made once we return the formatted document to you

Our Formatting Services Include:

  • Correctly formatted dissertations/theses that meet citation style guides and university guidelines
  • Cross-checking of all in-text and reference list citations with the flagging of any missing citations
  • Layout formatting that pays particular attention to front matter, table of contents (automated or manual), lists of tables and figures (automated or manual), headers, page numbering, table and figure formatting, appendices, etc.
  • Consulting services for specialized assistance with table and figure creation and the presentation of data

Benefits of EditingWorm Formatting:

  • Understanding—All members of EditingWorm’s formatting team have completed graduate degrees, meaning that we have faced many of the same formatting challenges as you.
  • Affordability—Our reasonable prices make us accessible to students living on a graduate/ professional school budget.
  • Speed—We guarantee that our formatting changes will be ready in time for your filing deadline. That’s why we offer an industry-leading five-day turnaround time for documents under 100 pages and a brief ten-day turnaround time for documents over 100 pages in length. Need it sooner than that? No problem! Our rush services will take care of that!
  • Ease—We know that formatting for both citation style guides and university requirements is an agonizing final hurdle on the way to completing your graduate or professional degree. You’ve done the hard work, so let us take the stress out of this final obstacle on the path to graduation.
  • Communication—Unlike some editing agencies, our experts are happy to work with you to meet any developing needs. If any last-minute issues come up with your final manuscript, we will make sure to address them.
  • Flexibility—As a full-service editing company, we not only provide formatting services, but we’re also available to provide dissertation editing support at any time. For more information, visit Dissertation & Thesis Editing

We want your thesis/dissertation to be a document that you can be proud of for life. That’s why we focus not only on speed, but also on accuracy and client satisfaction.

Formatting Packages

We provide three different options for dissertation/thesis formatting to meet your individual needs





Our formatting experts will ensure the accurate format of all in-text (parenthetical or footnote) and reference list (References, Works Cited, or Bibliography) citations according to a standard style guide (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, Oxford). All citations will be cross-checked and any missing references will be flagged.

Our formatting experts will ensure the accurate layout of your dissertation/thesis according to a standard style guide (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, Oxford) and/or university style manual. This includes attention to front matter, Table of Contents, Lists of Tables and Figures, headers, page numbering, table and figure formatting, appendices, etc.

Our formatting experts correctly format and cross-check all in-text and reference list citations to a specified style guide, in addition to ensuring accurate layout of your dissertation/thesis to a style guide or university style manual. MOST POPULAR

PhD Thesis Formatting Services: Trick for a Professional Thesis Outlook

Formatting your thesis is the last thread attached to your PhD program. It is the face of your thesis, the ability to dress up and look your best. It is how your document should look like i.e., a perfect picture of research. Accurate formatting is reflected in the well-laid down paragraphs of your document with all the pieces fitting together flawlessly. It should look appealing to the readers; valuable enough to make a difference in the research community. So, format your thesis, break that thread and get across the finish line. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, right? Even little mistakes like the use of a wrong font in a graph can be a setback for your academic goals. Even if your dissertation is written in a high-quality English language, even if your research conduct is perfect, if the formatting is inadequate, you can say goodbye to those lovely academic marks. Most of the students find themselves lost in the loop of formatting their PhD thesis, they are not exactly sure how to get on with the whole process. Formatting is a process that you first need to learn, comprehend and then implement. When you are in this loop of uncertainty, it is best to seek help from professionals to book all the points of correct thesis formatting.

PhD Thesis Formatting
Service in
UK includes

  • Methods of pagination
  • Preparing and numbering the figures and tables
  • Preference of referencing style
  • Notes placement
  • Preparing text
  • Headings and sub-headings
  • Table/Graphs/Pictures
  • Table of contents
  • Citation compliance
  • Layout formatting
  • Appendix

It is mandatory for the students to ensure that the thesis prepared by them goes by the requirements of the University, as well as the specific department concerned, regarding thesis formatting.

Your Place in Our Service Frame

Give us a call! But we do require your guidelines to affirm that the formatting of your document is precisely in sync with the specific style guide. The University and its concerned department are responsible for issuing a proper thesis formatting guidelines to the researcher. It is the responsibility of the candidates to check for these guidelines and use them while preparing the thesis (and this is what we require to assist you).

If you need:

  • Formatting of few chapters of your thesis
  • Formatting of your tables and figures
  • Formatting of your footnote and endnote citations
  • A complete polished thesis


Our Place in Your Thesis Frame

It is mandatory for the students to ensure that the thesis prepared by them goes by the requirements of the University, as well as the specific department concerned, regarding thesis formatting. Such information is available from the respective department of the concerned university from where the student is pursuing his/her PhD Thesis work. Such manuals should be carefully reviewed by the students before he/she actually starts working on the thesis.

Thesis Clinic offers proficient PhD Thesis Formatting Service in UK to create a research document that is in accordance to the format specified by the university. The organization puts special emphasis on honing the structure of various elements such as abstract, typeface and it’s quality, margins, spacing, title page, page numbering etc.

Thesis & Dissertation Formatting Service

dissertation service order

You wrote the entire project, and now you reached the formatting dissertation stage. MA and PhD candidates never assume that this part of the process would cause them so much stress. They followed a specific format throughout the writing stage. They developed an outline in accordance with the standards of their university.

The problem is that students from the University of California San Diego have to follow a specific UCSD dissertation formatting standard. Those from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee need to adhere to UWM dissertation formatting guidelines.

Many of the candidates missed out on these requirements. They followed general online guidelines. Now, they need dissertation formatting help to put things in order.

It’s okay. The important thing is that most of the work is done. You can always turn to the best dissertation writing service, even if you only need assistance during the last stages of completion.

What Does Dissertation Formatting Assistance Include?

The formatting stage is an independent stage of the project completion process. It’s not covered by dissertation editing services. Editing assistance is focused on the tone, logical flow, grammar, and substance of the content. A thesis formatting service covers other aspects of the process:

  • Length – Depending on the university’s requirements, the project should be 100-300 pages in length. We will check if the candidate met the specific standard, and we’ll suggest revisions if the paper isn’t within the recommended limits.
  • Technicalities – Our dissertation formatting service will check the university’s standards for margins, spacing, page size, recommended fonts, and point size. For example, if you’re a candidate from the University of North Carolina, we’ll analyze the UNC dissertation formatting standards. Then, the editor will format your content in accordance with them.
  • Pagination guidelines – For your project to be accepted, it must follow pagination rules. Does the university recommend Roman numerals? Should the preliminary pages be marked? We’ll check and we’ll follow the rules.
  • Format of text, captions, figures, and tables – PhD candidates often neglect these aspects when working on their dissertations. We don’t! We’ll deliver a clean format.
  • Dissertation chapters – this is the most important aspect of a dissertation formatting service. We will check if you met the school’s requirements on the required chapters and their order in the paper. If there’s a need for revisions, we’ll contact you to discuss them.

The Stages of Thesis Formatting

Do you want to know how the best dissertation formatting service tackles this stage of the process?

  • First, the candidate places an order to give us instructions. The order form will enable you to attach the project. Our company is 100% secure and reliable; we never share your information and documents with third parties.
  • We’ll carefully examine your instructions. Then, we’ll assign the project to an editor who’s experienced in the appropriate area of study.
  • The editor will analyze your university’s requirements. If, for example, you’re a candidate from the University of Florida, they will follow the UF dissertation formatting standards.
  • The editor will format your paper to fit your university’s rules.
  • You’ll get the completed order on time. If you need revisions of our thesis formatting services, you can contact us and we’ll make the needed changes.

How You’ll Benefit from Our Dissertation Formatting Service

PhD candidates hire an online dissertation formatting service for various reasons, but it’s mostly because they want to unwind before the final presentation. When they outsource the final stage to a professional thesis formatting service, they get enough time to work on the PowerPoint slides and their presentation skills. But you’ll gain other benefits when you work with us:

  • You’ll get a perfectly formatted paper that follows your school’s dissertation formatting guidelines.
  • If you failed to focus on technicalities while writing the content, we can fix the issues. Our editors are trained to provide relevant assistance.
  • You’ll save some time. The formatting stage looks easy, but it can take weeks of diligent work. When you outsource it to a pro editor, the process is much faster.

Reasons to Hire

There are several dissertation formatting services online, but none of them can reach the level of Dissertation-Service. Students have been turning to our team for decades. That’s because we offer the best assistance from several aspects:

  • The editors from our team collaborate with top-rated thesis writers during the formatting process. They deliver the best results through a team effort.
  • We offer the most cost-effective service. For a low price, you’ll get the perfect dissertation by your deadline.
  • Our editors pay close attention to your guidelines. If you study at Michigan State University, they will analyze and follow the MSU dissertation formatting guidelines. You can also request Harvard, Stanford, UCLA dissertation formatting, or any other specific style.
  • is a reputable agency with an impeccable reputation in the industry. It’s the most secure place for collaborating with editors.

What Are Our Dissertation Formatting Rates?

When you want to pay someone to format dissertation, you have the usual question: “How much will it cost?”

Our price chart is transparent, so you can easily see the dissertation formatting rates. The chart even lets you calculate the final price. You’ll enter a few parameters, and you’ll get a final price.

The quotes for PhD formatting range from $1.99 to $8.99 per page, depending on the deadline. That’s a really small price for the quality of service you’ll get. Guess what: we’ll make it even more affordable! New customers get 17% off on our website!

We guarantee to provide a diligent service with no hidden costs. We always explain what you get for the type of service you choose. Revisions are granted by request, and they are free of charge!

Order the Best Dissertation Formatting Services Today!

Are you tired of the planning, research, and writing process? Who could blame you? Dissertations are extremely challenging, so you could use some assistance during the last stages.

If you’re thinking “I need a pro to format my thesis,” offers the service you need.

Fill in the form to tell us what type of dissertation formatting you need, and we’ll deliver your perfect paper by any deadline you set.

How to create a thesis defense presentation that shows your work at its best

How To Create A Thesis Defense Presentation That Shows Your Work At Its Best

Are you ready for your upcoming thesis defense presentation?

While more than 33% of adults in the US have completed a bachelor’s degree, just under 10% go on to achieve a master’s in their chosen field. So if you’ve made it this far: congratulations!

Thing is, most students at grad and post-grad level are required to deliver a thesis defense presentation before their course ends — yourself included! This can be an incredibly challenging stage of your studies. A thesis defense demands time, commitment, and effort to get right.

But it’s not just what you present that matters — it’s how you present it, too. A great design is crucial, and to help you get started, here are seven presentation tips to keep in mind.

Define your signature idea

Your thesis has a focus. A goal. A core concept.

And this should be incorporated into your thesis defense presentation’s design in every respect. A strong design will help to engage the committee and reinforce your expert understanding of your research area.

Aim to define your signature idea before you start designing your defense — don’t leave the visuals until the text’s complete. Building the different aspects of the presentation together keeps it cohesive.

Purple presentation slide with illustrations and focus message

The choice of colors, fonts, images, and visual touches should all support the point you’re making in your thesis, from the first slide to the last. Think about the message you want to implicitly deliver — for example, if your chosen field is sociology and you’re presenting a paper on at-risk or vulnerable communities, you don’t want the visual design of your presentation to come off too playful or informal. Similarly, if you want your audience to understand the gravity of your findings so far, make sure you use bold, clear typefaces to highlight the key take-homes.

The choice of colors, fonts, images, and visual touches should all support the point you’re making in your thesis, from the first slide to the last.

Sure, this adds extra time to the creative process. But it’s well worth it to deliver an authoritative, complete package.

  • Does every image convey and support the text accompanying it?
  • Do the colors and fonts give the presentation a professional finish?
  • Is each slide clear, free of clutter, and easy to understand at first glance?

A yes for each of these questions means you’re on the right track. Follow it.

Know your audience

Your thesis defense presentation will be delivered to a committee in a formal environment. They want to see that you’ve developed an in-depth understanding of your graduate program and have built a thesis on solid foundations. A good presentation leaves the committee in no doubt that you’re ready for your next steps.

That’s why your presentation’s design is so important. One clumsy slide after another suggests you’re either too lazy to invest the time a good thesis defense demands or (worse) are not capable of success. The committee may assume you don’t take the program, your work, or your future seriously.

Gray presentation slide with message over blue circle

So consider your choice of colors, layout, fonts, and images carefully. Avoid anything too bright or garish. Be wary of risque photos or memes with the potential to offend. There’s room for humor, but only if it’s subtle and safe — if in doubt, stay serious.

Keep each slide focused on one point

You have a lot of points to cover in your thesis. You have an argument to make. You’ve spent years studying and building knowledge in your chosen subject.

Given the chance, you could probably spend hours talking about what you’ve already learned so far.

But you don’t have hours for your thesis defense presentation!

That’s why you need to balance information carefully to avoid hitting the committee with too much, too soon. Chances are, they’ve seen more than enough presentations overloaded with data and details. Keeping your defense simple will cut through all the other noise.

Gray presentation slide with icon over yellow circle and message

Work on narrowing the focus of each slide to cover one point. Just one. Condensing ideas is tough, especially when you’re discussing a complex issue. But taking your presentation one slide at a time ensures the audience can follow your argument clearly.

Less is more

Be sparing with text in your thesis defense presentation. You might be tempted to cram each slide with as much illuminating information as possible, but too much text can be off-putting.

Why? Because the committee doesn’t want to read block after block of words. They want to hear you argue your points with passion and authenticity.

If you really want to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your expertise, then keep each slide simple. Use just enough text to convey the meaning of your discussion, and use each slide as a jumping-off point.

Your audience should listen much more than they read.

So when playing around with content, be mindful of the white space on each slide. It keeps the focus on the slide’s content and helps viewers home in on the must-see elements.

Gray and blue presentation slide with

Carefully consider your typography

Once you’ve chosen the right words, your cutdown text must look right to deliver maximum impact.

First and foremost, your text should be easy to read. Don’t force the committee members to squint from across the room, or (even worse) to ask what the words are. Choose colors which contrast with each other well and the text will seem to leap off the page.

Presentation slide with white text over dark background and message on contrast

Another key factor to consider is the setting in which you’ll deliver the presentation. Is it bright, with lots of natural lighting, or gloomier? Is it small or big? Narrow or wide?

Understanding the room’s size, shape, and lighting will help you create the most appropriate design. Where possible, visit the space ahead of time and get a feel for which typographic options are going to work best.

Dial down your data

It’s natural to add facts and figures to your thesis defense presentation. Data supports your argument and shows you spent time conducting research.

But your audience has to process what’s on the screen while you’re speaking, before and after you refer to it. They’ll struggle to do this if the slide is packed with information, and this overload will distract them from what you’re saying.

You can’t afford to lose their attention, nor can you afford to gamble with their interest. Your presentation is too important to compromise.

So, dial down your data and only use details that truly add weight to your argument. Provide just enough to show you’ve researched topics and take your thesis seriously. Present it in an eye-catching way that involves visuals, such as original or stock graphics (the type you might see in infographics).

Blue presentation slide with tech illustration and message

Research shows visuals can improve the brain’s ability to learn by as much as 400%, stimulating the imagination and increasing the speed at which information is processed. If you incorporate dynamic pictures that help convey the meaning behind your data, you enhance the committee’s ability to digest it more quickly.

Consistency is key

Each slide of your thesis defense must follow on from the one before it, in a smooth and logical way. On and on, right up to the end.

But the design has to be as consistent as the content.

Don’t switch color schemes or layout dramatically from one slide to another. Settle on one overall template and stick to it. Otherwise, a sudden shift in style could distract the committee and leave them struggling to grasp the thread of your argument once again.

12 presentation slides showing a consistent design

Now, you’re ready to go!

Creating an impressive thesis defense presentation takes time. And a large part of this should be spent on perfecting your design.

Follow the steps explored above when building your presentation, and pay attention to even the most minor aspects of the design. Your committee wants to see you take the thesis seriously — so don’t give them any reason to doubt you!

12 Free presentation templates for a Thesis Defense

At SlidesCarnival we have many presentation templates with the serious and professional design needed to impress the committee at your thesis defense presentation. Have a look!

Free professional and corporate blue presentation - Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme

Blue Professional Presentation Template

Free minimal and corporate Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme

Clean Corporate Presentation Template

Free geometric Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme

Business Geometric Presentation Template

Free business Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme with green details

Green Dynamic Presentation Template

Free Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme with stats and data background

Stats & Graphs Presentation Template

Free medical Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme

Blue Medical Presentation Template

Free nature inspired Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme

Inspiring Nature Presentation Template

Free formal and modern Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme

Modern Dark Presentation Template

Free minimal Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme with yellow accent

Minimal Inspiring Presentation Template

Free professional and clean Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme for slidedocs

Clean Business Presentation Template

Free professional corporate Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme

Blue Corporate Presentation Template

Free Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme with connections design

Blue Connections Presentation Template

Looking for more presentation inspiration?

At SlidesCarnival, we have a huge library of Google Slides and PowerPoint templates that are completely free to download, edit, and customize. Browse the collection to find great design ideas that are sure to make your presentation stand out.


6 Easy Tricks for Designing a Text-heavy Presentation

6 Easy Tricks for Designing a Text-heavy Presentation

Reader Interactions

I cannot decide on the perfect template design for my Master Thesis Presentation. The Topic is Risk perception and Borrowers’ behavior related to loans. What do you suggest? The professors are all men rather boring and while I would like to choose vivid colors I am not sure if they are ideal either for my topic or for the audience.

Hello Lilian, I would recommend that you use the Thaliard template. It may seem too serious but the good thing about it is that it works with any background color. So you can change the navy blue for a more vivid blue and achieve a formal but not boring design.

Mahilet Abraham says

Hey I am Mahilet. I am working masters thesis on legal protection and remedy of victims of human trafficking under Ethiopian laws. All the examiners are men. I am not quite sure what to choose. Please help me.

Hello Mahilet, any of our templates designed for Law & Justice topics should fit you well.

I can not decide on the template for my bachelor thesis presentation. The topic is Communication Anxiety among multidisciplinary health professionals during online sessions in COVID-19 or pandemic duration. Any suggestions please.

Since your thesis is related to the topic of communication between health professionals I would choose a template with blue tones. As for a thesis presentation the best is a sober and formal design I would recommend Nicholas, Gremio or Dercetus templates.

My professor asked me to improve my PPT for my thesis presentation. I am kind of stuck, my research is in Mini Grids and wonder what kind of PPT to use. Any ideas on what to use.

Hi Paul,
It depends on whether you approach the subject from an engineering or an environmental point of view:

    is great for presentations on engineering. is the perfect companion for sustainability presentations. and Macmorris template work for both points of view because they have a perfect balance between the formal design of engineering and the green tones of sustainability

El-Freda Ogli says

Hi my research is based on soft cheese infused with herbs and spices and I can’t decide on a suitable ppt. Any suggestions

Hi, I have some templates for food content, please check them out.

Hi there, my thesis is on sea turtles. I can’t decide on a template for my slides since my supervisor doesn’t want dark backgrounds, animated or with patterns. Which template would u suggest? Thanks!

Hi Josette, I would use the Ariel template as it has a clean and professional design. Use it keeping only the blue bordered slides and replace the images of plants & skies with others of oceans and sandy beaches.

Derbie Terefe says

Hello! I am Derbie. My thesis is on Design and Analysis of Front Bumper to Improve Energy Absorption. So, which color is the best fit for the PPT? Please suggest me. Thanks!

As this is an automotive related topic I would use blues and grays. With an occasional yellow detail as it’s a color related to vehicle impacts (we relate it to crash test dummies and police warning signs).

Maiesha Tabassum says

Hello, My thesis defence is on the 20th of February. My topic is slope stability analysis using bamboo and geotextile. Can you suggest a template for me?

Hello Maiesha, I think MacMorris template would be a great option. It has a professional look suitable for a thesis, but also its inclined shapes & green tones are reminiscent of the slopes and the natural materials used to stabilize them.

Woodrow Murray-Wood says

I’m looking for some template suggestions for my thesis defense presentation. My research explores the effect of the drug sildenafil on collegiate athletes who live and train in a state of chronic hypoxia (at altitude). The department committee are all relatively laid back. They will expect something professional but appreciate creativity. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi, I think that Caius or Cerimon templates, with the right photos, would be perfect for your thesis.

Marija Zavrski says

Hi Jimena, what do you suggest for a thesis presentation about destination tourism?

I would recommend Cool Circles Presentation Template. Circles are a good visual metaphor for “destination”, and using the right tourism photos this design will completely suit your topic.

My PhD thesis is about low-light images enhancement. I am little confused and don’t know which template will be suitable for my thesis defense presentation. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

Since at its most basic “low-light images enhancement” deals with technology and “changing the color of pixels” I think Mowbray template would be perfect for your thesis.

Wonderful guidelines! By following them, the one’s presentation would, definitely, be in another quality level (both aspects: content and visuals).
Thank you so much for the share! (I will be applying as much of the mentioned advices as possible).

Hey, my thesis is about fairness and bias in cyberbullying detection, what design would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

I would use Spark Business template, simply change the illustration in the cover with one more related to your topic (you’ll find several illustrations you can use in slide 36)

Fidel AÏKIN says

Hi, any recommendations on a good template for a presentation in Linguistics?
I’m working on my graduation presentation and I really have no idea how I should design the presentation…

Sorry, I don’t know the linguistics field well, but I think any of our professional presentation templates will surely boost your content.

I’m looking for some template suggestions for my thesis defense presentation. It is about Urban planning using sustainability solutions.

Hello Yaldina, I can recommend you Blue & Green Professional or Green Dynamic Business templates.

Elida Rocha says

Hello Jimena, thank you for all the content! I am working on my Masters Thesis Presentation, could you suggest me a template. My is about Natural Hazards Risk Perception and Response.

Hello Elida, I would use the minimal nature template combined with the right photos.

Hi dear, my bachelor thesis defense is cooperative study between flat plate and frame structure in a high rise building but couldn’t decided the template for Civil Engineering department School.

PhD thesis formatting

There is no official pre-made departmental or University-wide style template for PhD theses. Some argue that learning (and advancing!) the art of beautifully typesetting a thesis is a crucial part of getting a PhD.

Here are some practical recommendations, examples, and useful starting points.


Most PhD authors in the Computer Laboratory prefer LaTeX as their typesetting system (under both Linux or Windows), mainly because of its

  • excellent and yet unmatched support for mathematical formulae;
  • good support for managing bibliographic references;
  • good support for high-quality typography;
  • easy integration with software-engineering tools (make, revision control, etc.);
  • very safe and robust handling of large documents;
  • long-term stability;
  • comprehensive free tool support.

A common approach is to use the report style, with a suitable title page added, margins changed to make good use of the A4 format, and various other changes to suit submission requirements and individual tastes (e.g., other fonts).


For preparing publication-quality diagrams, some of the most powerful and popular tools used include:

    – the probably most sophisticated drawing package for LaTeX – Matlab-style function plotting in Python

Official requirements

There used to be detailed Student Registry PhD format requirements, regarding font sizes and line spacing, but most Degree Committees have dropped these, recognizing that they were mainly motivated by past typewriter conventions. The rules left are now mainly about the word count.

In particular, it is no longer necessary for dissertations to be printed single sided or in “one-and-a-half spaced type”. If you still like to increase the line spacing, for easier proofreading, you can achieve this in LaTeX by placing into the preamble the line “ \usepackage\onehalfspacing ”.



One Cambridge thesis-binding company, J.S. Wilson & Son, recommend on their web page to leave 30 mm margin on the spine and 20 mm on the other three sides of the A4 pages sent to them. About a centimetre of the left margin is lost when the binder stitches the pages together.


Write your thesis title and section headings in “sentence case”, that is use the same capitalization that you would have used in normal sentences (capitalize only the first word, proper nouns and abbreviations). Avoid the US-style “title case” that some conference-proceedings publishers require.

Good: My favourite programming pearls in Perl
Bad: My Favourite Programming Pearls in Perl
  • Sentence case is normal typographic practice in the UK (see any UK-published newspaper, magazine, journals such as Nature, etc.).
  • The catalogues of both the University Library thesis collection and our departmental Technical Report series record titles this way, and you don’t want the cataloguers mess with your title capitalization when your thesis finally reaches them.
  • It preserves useful information about the correct capitalization of any names or technical terms used.

Page numbers

Use a single page-number sequence for all pages in your thesis, i.e. do not use a separate sequence of Roman numerals for front-matter (title page, abstract, acknowledgements, table of contents, table of figure). In LaTeX that means using the report style, not the book style.

  • PDF viewers number pages continuously starting from 1, and using anything else as printed page numbers causes confusion.
  • This will save you some reformatting when submitting your thesis as a techreport.

Bibliographic references

If you use purely-numeric bibliographic references, do not forget to still mention authors’ surnames, as a courtesy to both the authors and your readers. Also, try to add the exact page number on which the quoted point is found in the reference; LaTeX supports this really well. (“suggested by Crowcroft and Kuhn [42,p107]”)

Technical Report submission

After a thesis has been approved by the examiners, the author normally submits it for publication as a Computer Laboratory Technical Report.

It is a good idea to read early on the submission guidelines for technical reports, as this may reduce the need to change the formatting later.

If you want to minimize any changes needed between your submitted thesis and the corresponding technical report version, then – in addition to applying all the above advice – you can

  • make page 1 the title page,
  • make page 2 the required declaration of originality,
  • make page 3 the summary, and
  • choose a layout suitable for double-sided printing (required for techreport, since 2010 also allowed for final PhD submission).

This way, there is a very high chance that turning your thesis into a techreport could be as simple as replacing pages 1 and 2 with the standard Technical Report title page (which the techreport editor can do for you).

More information

  • The Computer Laboratory house style page explains where to find the University identifier that many put on the title page of their thesis.
  • Markus Kuhn’s simple PhD thesis template (snapshot) is just one possible starting point.
  • The cam-thesis LaTeX class is a collaborative effort to maintain a Cambridge PhD thesis template for Computer Laboratory research students, initiated by Jean Martina, Rok Strniša, and Matej Urbas.
  • Effective scientific electronic publishing – Markus Kuhn’s notes on putting scientific publications onto the web, especially for LaTeX/LNCS users.
  • International Standard ISO 7144 Presentation of theses and similar documents (1986) contains also some general guidelines for formatting dissertations that may be of use.

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No matter how complex your assignment is, we can find the right professional for your specific task. EssayGoAway is an essay writing company that hires only the smartest minds to help you with your projects. Our expertise allows us to provide students with high-quality academic writing, editing & proofreading services.

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First, you will need to complete an order form. It’s not difficult but, in case there is anything you find not to be clear, you may always call us so that we can guide you through it. On the order form, you will need to include some basic information concerning your order: subject, topic, number of pages, etc. We also encourage our clients to upload any relevant information or sources that will help.


Once we have all the information and instructions that we need, we select the most suitable writer for your assignment. While everything seems to be clear, the writer, who has complete knowledge of the subject, may need clarification from you. It is at that point that you would receive a call or email from us.


As soon as the writer has finished, it will be delivered both to the website and to your email address so that you will not miss it. If your deadline is close at hand, we will place a call to you to make sure that you receive the paper on time.

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I’m happy to contact the professionals!

My assigned writer was amazing and professional. He was always in touch and answered my questions, even the most stupid ones. I ordered a research paper because the requirements were unclear, and I really wanted to understand how to come up with decent writing. It is a big luck to learn from such professionals.

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Finally, I found the desired writing service is the best writing service I’ve tried so far! I order different papers from time to time because it is not that easy to study and work simultaneously. Other companies have high prices, poor quality, and other draws. But when I received my coursework from this service, I understood immediately that it is the perfect match.

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Reliable service with English native writers

I wasn’t sure if I should hire a writing service because my friends told me that they had a negative experience. For example, a friend of mine received a paper that was written by an ESL writer! However, this company knows its onions, and my term paper was clearly written by a native speaker. It is very important, especially if you’re a foreign student and want to make the right impression.

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Writing help is a mood savior

Honestly, I’m a good student, and my academic performance is really outstanding. But when it comes to essays, they really drive me crazy! I feel like I’m just not able to put words on the paper. I write paragraphs but they are boring, I repeat different things all the time and so on. This writing service makes my life easier, and I feel the support of its authors and managers.

Order id: 689554563

It is a great pleasure to use this company

What I really love about is that it is focused on customers. The ordering process takes you about 2 minutes! I ordered a case study, and I was almost satisfied with the result. So I asked them to make a couple of edits and they did it immediately! The customer service is really outstanding.

Order id: 722184094

Uniqueness is not the problem for their experts

If you’re looking for an article review writer, you’re in the right place. Especially if your professor hates plagiarism. It was my biggest concern, and I asked managers to control my author. I was really happy when they calmed me down and assured me that my paper will be absolutely unique. They also sent me a plagiarism report to dispel my doubts. I got an A-grade, thank you!

Order id: 698541255

I found here everything I needed

I order papers here all the time because they have low prices, transparent conditions, and reliable guarantees. And what is even the most important, I always know that I can expect high-quality. My last case study impressed the professor very much.

Order id: 789587541

Privacy matters and they know it

When my friend told me that he orders papers online, I thought that it was a really bad idea. What if your professor finds out? But he told me about this company, and I read their Privacy Policy. Well, long story short, I’m a loyal customer now. Just received my critical thinking paper, and it is amazing as always. And I don’t care about my privacy now because they never compromise my trust.

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You changed my mind about essay writing services

It was my first time turning to, and honestly, I didn’t expect too much. But you, guys, impressed me by the quality of the received argumentative essay. I reviewed it several times but I didn’t find any flaws. My professor was also very happy so I got the best grade in the class!

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They surpassed all the expectations

It was a real pleasure working with this company. I was expected to wait for an article review, receive a paper that requires editing, etc. But their paper was delivered on time, and it didn’t contain any typos or mistakes. Their customer managers were available whenever I wrote to them and they answered all my questions. I wish all writing services worked this way.

Order id: 745488963

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it confidential to use your service? We take security seriously, so not a word of your personal information is ever shared with any third parties, at least not without your explicit permission. Our writers don’t know anything about you, as we never share your personal information with them either. The same goes the other way around, all our writers are identified by a set of numbers, an ID. Everything to make you feel secure.

How fast can you write a paper for me? All the assignments are expected to be completed by the deadline you choose in the order form. However we do try to send them in a bit earlier so you can have a look at it, sift through or request changes if any are needed.

How do I get my paper? All assignments are delivered to you via your personal account here at our website. We also send your order via email, that way you can always be sure that you will receive it without any troubles.


See for yourself that our cheap essay help is top-notch. Use revisions to get the best version of your paper.

Turn your papers in on time even when you leave only six hours for our essay help service to work its magic.

You can trust our essay service to deliver original pieces free of plagiarism regardless of deadlines and complexity.

Your needs are our primary concern, and no essay helper on our team will rest until you’re 100% happy with your paper.

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The easiest way to get your paper done

Indicate the type of assignment and share key paper details with your essay helper. Specify your academic level and citation style.

Now you should choose the number of pages, the spacing type, and other additional features. This will let you know the final price.

Pick your favorite payment method to make the transaction. Then you can count on fast essay writing help. Our writers will start working immediately.

As soon as your paper is ready, you will receive an email notification. Download your perfect paper and come back when you need essay help again.

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High-Quality Essay Writing Service

We believe that hiring an essay writer online should not be as dangerous as a game of Russian roulette. We ensure that you will receive a well-researched essay, powerfully written and well supported with evidence and iron-clad reasoning. There will be no plagiarism, intended or unconscious, and you won’t find redundancies or repetitions that max out the word count. When you get our online essay writing service help, we ensure that every comma is in place and every source is cited and used with maximum efficiency. All the while, we keep our rates manageable for students of all backgrounds and remain an affordable paper writing service with the best value for money.

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Professional Essay Writers

You should not trust the first online paper writer you come across on a freelance platform. There’s no telling who hides behind impressive promises and stolen essay samples. To keep you safe from frauds and scammers, we vigorously screen every applicant and only hire the best essay writers online that provide sufficient proof of their talents and expertise. Moreover, we keep a close eye on every writer’s performance and customer feedback and get rid of those who cannot meet our exacting standards. This may seem like a harsh policy, but it helps us maintain a status of a legitimate essay writer service. So whenever you hire essay writer with us, you get perfect results.

Professional Writing Assistance

Whenever you seek essay writing help, there’s usually too much on your plate. You look for assistance because you have other things to worry about, so we strive to make your experience with us as smooth and painless as possible. We worked out the kinks from our order form, we remain online round the clock to answer your questions, and we ensure papers meet your every requirement. And even if there’s a misunderstanding, and you are not happy with the online essay helper assistance you get, our writers will revise and rework the paper until you are satisfied. We will improve your order for free until you’re happy with the results you get. Our dedication to top-notch academic writing performance sets us apart from other companies and helps us maintain a solid reputation as a legit cheap essay writing service.

Fast Paper Writing Service

It isn’t enough to find professional experts who help you create essays to get good grades and stay on top of your school workload. No professor gives out praise for late submissions. So it is paramount to get fast high-quality assistance. SpeedyPaper is the right choice if you’re forever fighting against deadlines and running out of time. Our experts are pros at working under pressure and can beat any time crunch. Even if you only have six hours to spare, a Speedy writer can deliver an essay a few pages long worthy of a high grade. Lightning-fast research, writing, and editing are our specialties, but our writers are not all-powerful or capable of stopping time. So please be realistic and don’t expect us to complete your thesis in under 24 hours. Otherwise, any deadline is manageable!

What Can the Best Essay Writing Service Do for You?

When you go looking for paper writing help, what do you have in mind? Are you after better grades or free time? Do you just need one night of uninterrupted sleep? Our top-quality essay writing service is here to meet your every academic need and more!

Hire an Essay Writer to Help with School Stress

Life is stressful enough as it is without adding schoolwork to the mix. Classes call for intense focus, and homework is a drain on your time and energy. Even without taking on extra classes and assignments, the workload is often overwhelming. Considering the elevated stress levels of college, it’s no wonder so many students drop out of school and never go back.

If you’re stuck in a rut with no way out, an academic writing service is an easy solution you should consider before giving up on a degree. Outsource a couple of essays and have a good night’s sleep, and you’ll be able to think clearly and decide if you can handle college after all, with a bit of outside help. Of course, hiring a professional to write an essay for you won’t cure depression or anxiety. Still, it should alleviate the symptoms and provide the much-needed time to seek professional psychological help.

After all, college is supposed to be full of fun and opportunities. So don’t let the unmanageable workload pull you down. Instead, be smart about delegating homework to safeguard your mental equilibrium and career prospects.

Gain Extra Time Through Our Paper Writing Service

If you feel like papers are eating up all your free time, you’re probably right. On average, undergrads spend almost 20 hours on homework every week, and that’s a conservative estimate. But the worst part is that most academic writing assignments are a useless waste of time. The number of essays you have to write is a relic of the traditional educational paradigm with no other means to engage students. Yet professors still rely on it in the 21st century.

There’s nothing wrong with a desire to go out a couple of nights per week or get a part-time gig in college, but you will probably never have time for either unless you get help with papers. Buying one or two papers per month is usually enough to gain a free night each week that you can spend on whatever you like. Treat yourself to a night out or stay in and decompress. Even an early bedtime might be a good idea if you’ve been stressing over homework for months.

Think of hiring an online essay writer as a personal time machine. Every time you order a paper, endless opportunities become available, and you become the master of your own destiny once again.

Boost Your GPA with a Professional Paper Helper

Who doesn’t like being the best? The heady feeling of victory is addictive, and once you get to the top of the class, you will never want to give it up. But even getting over the 3.0 GPA can be a feat for some of us, especially if writing isn’t your forte, and you can’t seem to get the professor to give you top grades. Before you pull out of the race to the top, consider giving a professional assignment writing service a try.

Expert academics can help improve your grades even if you’re not ready to splurge on complete essay writing. Proofreading and editing services are a godsend if you cannot put your groundbreaking ideas into words without making a mess of typos and unexpected logical leaps. With helpful edits and actionable tips, you’ll be able to submit your best writing for grading and gain better results. And if you feel like your writing needs more than editing assistance, purchase assignments completed by experts to turn in or use as templates. Whichever option you choose, your GPA will see an impressive improvement.

Engage Essay Writers for Help Beyond School Walls

If you think college is all about classes, you’re sorely mistaken. It’s about building a foundation for your future career and social network. So if you’re stuck in a vicious circle of classes, library, and dorm room, you’re missing out on the most important part of the college experience. You need to get out and make friends who might end up your BFFs; you need to seek internship opportunities, connect with professors and TAs, and seek new and exciting ways to gain experiences to add to your collection of fond memories and your resume, too. And a reliable writing service can help you achieve all that.

Think of hiring a writer as an investment in your freedom and put it to good use. It’s time for you to be the decision-maker. So prioritize valuable opportunities for your future over homework. After all, you can pay for essay writing, but you cannot buy industry experience, professional connections, or meaningful relationships.

Will You Help Me Write My Essay?

We will do so much more! SpeedyPaper is more than just your average paper service. We are your reliable academic partners, and we will be your backup from applying to your dream school to submitting your thesis and securing a degree. With our help, you will get back control over your life and decide how you want to spend every hour of your life. We will give you back the freedom to choose stress-free nights and long-term success opportunities over dull assignments that don’t add anything to your experiences or your resume.

So if you find yourself thinking, “I wish I could pay someone to write my essay,” look no further. Get your first assignment done now, and you will gain all the benefits of delegating homework within minutes. With the security of free revisions and clear refund terms, there are no downsides to getting your paper from us, just this once. And if you like what you get, we’ll be happy to see you become a regular.

Expert PhD Thesis Writing Service

A PhD, also known as a doctorate, is the highest degree offered by a university faculty. Of course, you must have known it is not going to be all play. At the same time, a PhD thesis is quite different from all other forms of thesis. PhD is a research-based degree, and as such, the thesis is more voluminous.

PhD thesis writing is a task that you must give utmost attention to. The reason is that every page and chapter of the thesis must represent a clear idea. It must include facts, theories, clear methods, and in-depth analysis. This might be quite different from writing a college thesis and an undergraduate thesis.

Writing a PhD thesis can be a tedious task for the student. The reason is that it may be impossible to achieve good grades all by yourself. PhD thesis writing is an activity that may require all of your attention. It isn’t easy to engage in other activities while writing a PhD thesis. As such, you may need to engage a thesis writing service to handle your PhD thesis.

Why do you need PhD thesis writing services?

PhD thesis writing is a rigorous activity you may not want to experience. The entire task is not an easy one you can do without external aid. There are a lot of benefits when you opt for a thesis writing service. The following are reasons you should seek help in your PhD thesis writing;

A PhD thesis is unique compared to other levels of thesis writing. While other colleges and undergraduate dissertations are simplified, a PhD thesis is complex. This complexity is not strange as a PhD is a research-based and highest level of degree.

Although, there are no central specifications for PhD thesis. However, a PhD thesis is expected to be not less than 175 pages. The word count is usually between 70,000 and 100,000. Writing such an assignment alongside the researchers is going to be a tough one. As such, a student may need to get a thesis writing service to ease the burden.

One of the complexities of a PhD thesis is in the research involved. It requires in-depth research, which may demand a lot of time and effort. This kind of research is inevitable to achieve a grounded argument or to support the thesis idea firmly. Therefore, thesis writing services can be of help to carry out the tedious research in your place.

Thesis writings, especially a PhD thesis, come with a deadline. You are expected to maintain strict compliance with the deadline. Failure to comply might lead to loss of grade or rejection of your thesis.

Meanwhile, due to enormous activities involved in the PhD thesis. It might not be easy to meet deadlines without thesis writing help. To avoid skipping deadlines, you may therefore need to seek help.

A good theory is not enough to make a perfect PhD thesis. You must as well ensure your thesis is in the correct format. Wrong formatting can make the entire thesis worthless. Most times, students find it difficult to maintain the desired format by their school or thesis supervisor.

In such a case, it is expected of you to engage in a custom thesis writing service. This service offers you access to professional writers who are experienced in PhD thesis writing. Such writers are conversant with each format and can therefore be of great help.

What Can a PhD Thesis Writing Help Do For You?

Perhaps you haven’t made use of a thesis writing service before. In this case, you may be clueless about what you will get when you order one. The good news is that a lot of packages await you. These are what you get when you seek PhD professionals’ help;

  • Choosing PhD thesis topic

The first stage of PhD thesis writing is a selection of topics. You are expected to select a topic with regards to your course of study. Selecting a topic requires careful consideration as much as writing the dissertation. The reason is that the topic selected must be researchable.

When you engage in thesis writing services, it is easy to get the best of topics. The company must have a wide range of topics you can choose from. They also ensure those topics are feasible in terms of research and writing.

  • PhD proposal writing

The next line of action after topic selection is to write your PhD proposal. The essence of a PhD proposal is to convince the school research committee of your ability to write a thesis. The proposal must be appealing and must portray the value your thesis will add to the research field.

The proposal will also feature your theory, research methodology, and conclusion. As such, writing a good thesis proposal may require professional help. Therefore, a PhD thesis proposal is part of a service you enjoy when you engage PhD thesis writing services.

  • Writing each chapter of the thesis

There are different chapters to write in your PhD thesis. It is possible to encounter difficulties writing some of these chapters. You can get help with any of the chapters via PhD writing service. There is an opportunity to request help at the beginning or amid the thesis writing.

  • Statistical analysis

The most complex of PhD thesis is the aspect of statistical analysis. This aspect often is the most challenging for every PhD student writing a thesis. It is so because it requires extraordinary mathematics skills and the use of some other software. Meanwhile, it is not all students that are good at mathematics.

At the same time, a PhD thesis involves a great deal of research. Therefore, you must also involve a lot of data. Analyzing this data can be a cumbersome task for you. Hiring the best thesis writing service will save you from statistical analysis headaches.

  • Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading, at times, can also be difficult tasks for students. Since a PhD thesis is a massive one, editing such a voluminous work can be tedious. So also, it is advisable to allow a professional to edit and proofread the work properly.

Therefore, when you engage PhD thesis writing services, it is their responsibility to edit the thesis paper. It must be ensured that there is free from grammatical errors, spelling errors, and plagiarism free. It must also be ascertained to be consistent with the given instructions. The essence of editing and proofreading is to make the thesis ready for submission.

What are the benefits of hiring PhD thesis writing services?

You stand to gain a lot when you employ the service of a professional PhD thesis writer. Regardless of the cost, the result is always of more excellent value. The following are the guarantees when you seek PhD thesis writing help;

  • High-quality thesis paper

The result of a thesis writing help should be a high-quality thesis paper. It must produce a paper of superior quality to what you could have done. The reason for this is because you will be employing the service of an experienced thesis writer.

  • Access to professional thesis writers

Thesis writing is different from all other essay writing. A PhD thesis is equally unique among all other theses. As such, it requires a professional and experienced writer to deliver the best thesis paper. Companies offering PhD thesis writing services ensure they employ writers who have the required qualifications alone.

  • Affordable price

When compared to the effort involved, the cost of hiring thesis writing services is affordable. You may also have access to discounts on the cost of the service. It is not out of place if you opt for a thesis writing service instead of bearing the stress.

One unique thing about PhD thesis writing services is confidentiality. The company will not disclose your identity as a customer to a third party. As such, nobody can guess if you have your thesis written by a professional. This confidentiality gives you the ability to lay claim to your thesis without confrontation.

It is impossible to get your PhD thesis disapproved when you have it written by a professional. The reason is that it is always tailored to meet the supervising committee’s standards. However, problems may arise if you find it difficult to defend your thesis. This reason is why you are advised to read through and understand before making your submission thoroughly.

When do you need a PhD thesis writing service?

Writing a PhD thesis is not a simple task. Knowing when to seek help is therefore essential. The following are the best times you should seek professional help regarding your PhD thesis;

  • When you are the busy type

This condition is no doubt the situation of most PhD students. You must have been engaging in some other activities while as a PhD student. In this situation, writing a thesis yourself is not advisable

  • When you detest researching

Researching is the main deal in a PhD thesis. It gives support to your claims and theories and also establishes the main idea of this. All information on this paper is a result of good research. If you are not research-oriented, you should seek help.


One of the most challenging things to do as a student is to write a PhD thesis. It isn’t easy to perfectly craft your PhD thesis without aid from a professional in most cases. The secret of a high-quality PhD thesis is experience. As such, professionals who have vast experience in PhD thesis writing are the best bets to get a high-quality thesis paper.

Hiring a thesis writing service will as well guarantee a plagiarism-free thesis. It is also instrumental in the timely delivery of your thesis paper. There is nothing to lose when you seek help in your PhD thesis writing.

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